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Love this game... BUT...

F-ing hate all the randoms out there that have figured out how to mod the game and will get in your game and just completely mess with you... start spawing like 30-50 enemies, make it so you can't drive the truck any longer, or just plain kill you. I had to finally stop allowing Public players into my game and changed all my slots to Private coop.

Hate that the game loses stuff on you. Last night after one of the load screens while playing coop with my friend, both her and I lost half of our inventory... the game took my Left Hand of Glova(!) plus most of my best upgraded weapons. Plus, I have had it where I create a weapon and then go to my inventory... wtf?... it is no where to be found (happened creating a skull related weapon one night and I thought I was going to break something I was so pissed... 5 diamonds and 10K money down the drain).

Really can't stand the spawning system either. There are some times when you die or join a friends game, where it will spawn you halfway across the map from where you should be. Or the opposite... you are getting raped by enemies, die, and then it spawns you right in the middle of the mayhem which caused you to get killed in the first place... only to die almost immediately and then lose ANOTHER 10% of your money. Stupid.

Lastly, just the random glitches. My friend, she was at the main mission at the end of Act II where you have to drive the truck back to the resort with the supplies from the city. We go to the bottom of the steps from the church to get in the truck... huh?! It is not there and neither is Jin? Tried restarting, tried doing other side missions to get the truck to spawn again, tried going to other maps, tried going to the other side of the map... nothing works. Thank goodness we have both been all the way through the game already, because it looks like she won't be moving on in the story with this character. Weird?
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