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Originally Posted by blueshwoo View Post
This may sound stupid but for the scrap pieces, they are the ones that show up in scan mode as two gears on destroyed mechs right? And how exactly do you pick them up because I have found several and when I go to them nothing pops up, Ive even tried hitting every possible button in and out of scan mode. Hopefully someone writes a good guide for this one because the game itself doesnt explain much of anything. Still trying to figure out what alot of things mean in the game and how it really works. Thanks for starting this thread.
yea Tell em about it I miss the days when games came with.. now what are those things called again? I'm sorry my 30 year old brain has a hard time remembering sometimes.. ^^; OH YEA! Instruction manuals! As for the srcap pieces " from what I can tell the old school finding parts during mission routine" you just have to run/walk over them to pick them up.
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