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Originally Posted by nyko2000 View Post
I try CLT boosting like the guide suggests:

Caputer leader time: 10
Round to win: 1
Number of bots: 1
Bot diffuclty: insane:
Bleeding time: 5
Weapon Pickups: DISABLED.

Cog team: Me and Bot
Locust team: Idle player.

But in 140 minutes i earn ONLY 8 matches CTL. (one CTL match in 15 minutes)

Tell me I did something wrong because it takes forever.
Maybe the bleedout time should be longer otherwise the bot doesn't always have time to make the capture? Also don't forget there is a lot of time overhead in the switch between maps/matches so it's always slower than you think it's going to be. Mind you, that does seem incredibly slow…

OK, just looked at some of my own stats, going for CTL with bots to fill so I can idle boost and get Sovereign and Leader progress too.

Capture time: 10
Rounds to win: 1
Number of bots: Fill
Bot difficulty: Insane
Bleed-out time: 60
Friendly Fire: On (doesn't make that much difference, though)
Weapon Pickups: Disabled

Matches per hour: 22
Wins (Sovereign) per hour: 9
Leader (Untouchable) per hour: 6

Those figures are about average for me. That was a 3 hour session. I do have stats for another 15 hour session where it seems I was getting 24/12 matches/wins but not sure of all settings on that one. Perhaps I had all weapons to Boomshot left over from previous idle boosting?

Hope that helps, anyway.
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