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Buy some dumbbells and youre ready to go! I have been training since i was 16-17 (22 today). I never been fat, i had the opposite problem, i was extremely thin. To build muscle for me is a real pain in the ass as of today im pretty happy Im now, from being the most thin dude on the beach to being the one with, not most muscles but certainly top 10%. I have never hit the gym. Just used a bench and dumbbells all the way from the start to now. I love to workout my muscles however i hate to run, biking, walking and so on. And if you dont do cardio training at all the chance is to get fit overall but with that little beer bully. And here kinect is my savior. Its the only thing i used for cardio sence its release and i love it. Have been using all of the games for variation and still are And ufc is one of the top games, it can really give you a run.
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