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Honestly it was a bit of a disappointment to me. I really disliked the graphics they went with, I don't even know what to call it but the color and shading on the people was kind of lousy. Jackie's little cinemas were annoying to look at, even if he's sitting in a dark room there was too much shadowing. You can barely see him well. With all the advancement in visual technology they really could have done better. And some of the original voice acting was much better (especially Butcher Joyce's). Jackie's new character design was also a step back, he was too small compared to his original appearance in the first one. I will admit though the Darkness's heads looked pretty cool this time. And I did like the different ways you could use them this time around, as well as the leveling up and obtaining different powers and not having to switch through different versions of them to use those powers. They did good there. But the story kind of frustrated me. It felt like the life story you get from Jackie in the first and the story you get in the second don't quite match each other. And the ending felt kind of lazy, like there is no real final challenge. No real final battle with a truly powerful enemy. You think you get one and it's like wait, there's more! Then they pull a Chuck Testa on you. I won't say much more because I don't want to spoil anything, but it just felt too abrupt and not a whole lot better than the first one's ending. And the side missions you play outside the main story are, well...I guess something is better than nothing. Listening to Wilson talk is entertaining. In the end, it's got its good and bad points. But I will say I loved the Darkling, having one that sticks with you acting as a guide to your next destination and actually interacting with you as well as lending assistance during fights was a good addition. Not to mention he was hilarious. As well as that nutjob Johnny Powell, his manner of speech and the things he said made me laugh sometimes. But this is one of those games where I find I liked the prequel better than the sequel.
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