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End Days, Casual, get to the part where you have to make the Spec Ops bleed. Make them bleed, cause the horde to run them over, and while the Zombies are letting loose, run behind the train at the start so Leon does not blow your brains out. Then just stand near the end of the train where the infinite ammo chest is. Use a Riot Gun, aim for the heads or chest, and keep blowing Zombies away. Use Bertha with her Infection Cure active ability (trust me, if you even look away for 10 seconds, you will find yourself on the ground being bitten, raped, and infected). Just keep shooting zombies, and hold your ground if you have low hp. The lower your hp, the higher the drop rate of green herbs. Once you have about 30 or so green herbs, anti-viral sprays, and ammo and grenades on the ground, start using the Green Herbs when your health is low. Do not reload the Riot Gun... when you get to low ammo (1 or 2 bullets left before you must reload) simply go to the Ammo box and get ammo, it will auto fill up the ammo and skip the reload. Stay behind that train and keep following this method for as long as you want. I have a little brother who will not let me play for more than 15 minutes without distracting me, so I last about 15 minutes and get 16,000 XP each 15 minutes.

Hope this was helpful, sorry for a long post or any grammatical or spelling errors.

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