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10 GS アーケードモードプレイ
Start Arcade Mode for the first time.

Select the first option in the menu and either choose Normal or Command Style. When you are in the character select screen, the achievement will unlock.

50 GS アーケードクリア(ノーマルスタイル)
Clear the Arcade Mode in Normal Style without using any continues.

For this change the settings to EASY, 1 Round and a time of 50 seconds. Don't allow the game to get interrupted by online players. Then choose the first option (normal style) in arcade mode to play this. If you lose a round, the game will ask you if you want to continue. This must not be happening.

I used Luca (beta) and his partner Itsuka (defense, wave, offensive unit) although I would recommend using Mika/Anechka (speed, beam, offensive unit) as a partner because the beam is the best weapon while enemies are in B.O.S.S. Mode (and the last boss of this game is in B.O.S.S. Mode all the time).

50 GS アーケードクリア(コマンダースタイル)
Clear the Arcade Mode in Command Style without using any continues.

The settings are the same as for the Normal Style run. Please refer to the road map to see how to play this mode.
I used Ranatus (alpha) and Anechka as a partner. You don't have to do much. It's just important that you activate the assist and B.O.S.S. Mode. Otherwise cheer up your partner (but not too often because otherwise your partner will get angry). Sometimes tell them to use the barrier. I didn't do much more actually.

While playing Normal Style Arcade Mode get challenged 10 times by other players and play against them.

In the settings of Arcade Mode change the fourth option either to player or ranked match. Press B to confirm and select Normal Style. Play normally through Arcade Mode. When an online player is going to fight you, you will get the message: „An enemy is approaching fast!“. Then you are in a lobby. Press A to confirm, select your characters and fight each other. After finishing the battle, press B (if you don't want to save the replay) and then press A to continue your Arcade Mode run.

While playing Command Style Arcade Mode get challenged 10 times by other players and play against them.

See: „WARNING!! A HI-ROUNDER IS ...“. Just this time you have to select Command Style (second sub option) when playing Arcade Mode.

10 GS ストーリーモードプレイ
Start Story Mode for the first time.

Select the third option in the main menu and then choose the first option (main story). The achievement will unlock immediately when you see the first event box.

10 GS スコアアタックプレイ
Start Score Attack Mode for the first time.

You find Score Attack as the fourth option in the main menu. Just select this mode to get to the character select screen. This will unlock the achievement.

50 GS スコアアタッククリア
Clear Score Attack without using any continues.

This is the hardest offline achievement in the game. You have to defeat 14 characters without dying. The order of the characters appearance is always the same (although it can vary between alpha and beta cartridge depending on the cartridge you use):

1. Fabian, 2. Luca, 3. Cuilan, 4. Theo, 5. Ranatus, 6. Henri, 7. Jasper, 8. Lev, 9. Mika, 10. Shinobu, 11. Ursure, 12. Chang Po, 13. Sakurako, 14. Ernula.

I used Ranatus (alpha) and Mika (Anechka respectively) as her partner. Please use this video as a reference: if this video doesn't load for you, please try this link: (credits to its rightful owner).

It's important to do quick turn shots. While dashing (X + any direction), dash in another or the same direction again and press A. This way your rounder will readjust itself and will shoot in the direction of the enemy. Furthermore start the battle with pressing B. The beam does huge damage. But just use it when you are absolutely sure, that the opponent won't move around. Otherwise it would be very unfortunate. When pressing Y the first time Ranatus will summon a barrier. Pressing Y again and you will shoot a double beam. It's very helpful when your B-beam is currently reloading. Other than that save your charge gauge. When the opponent asks his assist for help, do the same and evade the assist's attacks. When the opponent goes into B.O.S.S. Mode, look for a red target sign and press LB to shoot a blue beam at the weak point. If your enemy is in VANISH or you are about to lose, start your B.O.S.S. Mode with LT and use Y to spam a triple-beam.
After your opponent is defeated you will get some life. If you are in B.O.S.S. Mode while winning you will get more life. The more your charge gauge is filled the more life you will get as well while in B.O.S.S. Mode. The enemy loses „stars“ when he gets attacked by you. These are points for your score but also do they fill your charge gauge. Take advantage of this!
Although English isn't my native language I really try hard to express myself in a way everyone understands.
When something I say isn't clear enough feel free to ask me. :3 I always like to improve.
Thanks in advance! ^-^
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