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10 GS 八方美人
全てのプレイヤーとオペレーターを使用する (※トレーニングを除き、ゲームモード問わず)
Used every player and operator (not in training mode).

You have 14 „player“-characters. These are the first character you choose. They decide which rounder you use. Then there are 24 „operators“ (partners). They have different effects on your character like e.g. a attack/defense/speed boost. Normally you only see 12 characters. When you press X, you can choose the „player“-characters as a partner. But you can't take the same character as player and operator at the same time. Just take every character, finish one match and choose the next one. You don't have to be in Command Style for the operators to count. You can simply unlock this while playing Normal Style.

10 GS 決めボム
相手B.O.S.S.モード中にボム攻撃を合計10回出す (※トレーニングを除き、ゲームモード問わず)
Use a bomb 10 times while the opponent is in B.O.S.S. Mode (not in training mode).

When the opponent is in B.O.S.S. Mode just press LB to use the special ability (bomb, wave or beam) of your partner. You need 1 B.O.S.S. in stock to use this ability.

10 GS 抱え死に
Get defeated although you had 3 B.O.S.S. in stock.

This can only be unlocked while playing online (either player or ranked match). There you have to lose 2 rounds without activating your B.O.S.S. Mode or using a bomb while the opponent is in B.O.S.S. Mode.

10 GS 火事場のバカ力
プレイヤーマッチ/ランク マッチ:EXTRAラウンドで勝利する
Win an EXTRA round while playing either player or ranked match.

An EXTRA round occurs when both players are in VANISH in the final round and there is a time out. Then the round goes on for 20 more seconds (at the timer you will see that there is EXTRA written on it), where you have to defeat your opponent.

10 GS 不屈の闘志
Use 10 continues in a row while playing Score Attack.

Just start Score Attack, get defeated by the first opponent and press start when the game asks you if you want to continue. Repeat this 10 times.
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