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Gun Slinger - 30
Shoot 10 trophy animals while using the Trophy Gun.

You will unlock the trophy gun before your second playthrough, so use it then. Simply kill your trophy animals with this weapon and repeat 10 times. You must REPLAY levels in order to use this weapon.

Bushman - 15
Spend one continuous minute fully covered by vegetation.

You can do this easily near the beginning of the game. Go in to cover within some bushes and wait for one minute, you will know if you're fully covered as the screen blackens near the edges.

Shadow - 30
Finish any location in Story without alerting any trophy animal.

I got this on the last level, but you could get it on any of the levels so long as you don't disturb your trophy animals before you kill them.

Anatomy Saved My Life - 15
Win 10 skill shots in Story.

Skill shots happen when larger animals jump out at you, you must react quickly to kill them. There are more than enough in the story mode to get this in one playthrough.

Heartbreaker - 30
Hunt 10 big game trophies by shooting them through the heart.

Simple, when aiming at your trophy animal shoot them in the chest area to kill them. Holding down LB to hold your breath will show you the animals vital organs.

Secret Seeker - 20
Find 7 hidden locations in Story.

All hidden locations being found currently.

Gun Master - 100
Finish every Story map using only the Trophy Gun and the Compound Bow.

On your second playthrough you will only be able to use the trophy gun and the compound bow, no other weapons such as rifles. You must REPLAY levels in order to use this weapon. DO NOT START A NEW STORY!

Close and Personal - 30
Shoot any big game from less than 15 yards.

I got this near the beginning of the game when doing a Target of Opportunity shot. If you don't get it simple creep up to a larger animal and shoot them at close range.

Devarminator - 30
Hunt 200 small game land animals in Story.

You will see various small animals running around as you make your way through the levels, simple shoot 200 of them to get this. It may take you the second playthrough to get.

Paparazzi - 15
Take 30 pictures in Story.

As soon as you are able to use your camera take 30 pictures one after the other to unlock this.

Become a Legend - 100
Finish Story Mode.

This achievement unlocks as soon as you finish the last level.

Skill or Luck? - 30
Hunt any trophy with one shot over 280 yards.

During the Mexico level and day two you will have to shoot across a large plain. Simple shoot near the trophy animal to startle it and have it run away, once the yards indicator says 280 yards+ aim at the animal and shoot. It may take a couple of tries as it's hard to shoot from such a large distance.

Bow Mastery - 30
Hunt 15 big game trophies while using the Compound Bow.

When it comes to hunting the trophy animals that aren't too far away, try your best to sneak up closer to them and take them out using the bow. Some of the trophies will need to be dealt with in this manor, but not all. Aim for the neck as it's a quick kill.

Archer - 15
Hunt a bird using the Compound Bow.

During the levels in which you have a bow, try to aim at a bird flying overhead. It can take a while to get the shot but it will happen.

Lucky Luke - 30
Hunt an animal from at least 40 yards without using your scope or sights.

Simple shoot and kill an animal without using your scope or sight, the beginning levels are perfect as they have plenty of trophy animals nearby.

Adrenaline Seeker - 30
Hunt a trophy animal while it's alerted and running away.

Alert an animal with a shot near them and once they start to flee shoot them and kill them, easy 30G that I got without realizing.

Good Reflexes! - 15
Hunt 10 Target of Opportunity animals.

At certain parts during the game animals will run out in front of you and the voice over guy will announce a target of opportunity, simple kill them to add one to your total. Rinse and repeat 10 times to get this, though it mat take you two playthroughs to unlock.

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