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wow, what?

sharing the same sentiment as other folks on this forum, this game is really F-ed up. I played a ton of SF2 in arcades back in the day including Tournament Edition (which this is supposed to be) and this game isn't normal at all, it feels like a hacked version of SF2

the difficulty seems borked from what I remember. the CPU damage is set a little high and it begins cheating in earlier matches (yes, cheat.) I remember very well the arcade game would at least grant you one easy to win first match and not really start to cheat until the 3rd match. This one is an all out jerk on the first match with the easiest setting.

the other thing is some voice samples are weird. When the announcer says Thailand he sounds like he's stroking out.

anyhow, to anyone wondering, the arcade version wasn't nearly as aggrivating as the XBL version is. I'm glad I only blew 200 on this poor port. Conversely, SSF:HD in XBL is way easier than the arcade Super Street Fighter was. I don't know how that happened.
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