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Oh my God... Can someone just hack me to prestige 1 or something? The fucking hackers are even bigger nuisances in this game... Fucking fix this shit. I keep seeing too many new accounts walking in with God Mode. We even lost a TDM when a God Mode shithead walked in and went 9-0, we lost by one fucking kill.

Fucking pissed me off so badly I just want to trade in this piece of crap game already, before I even finish the campaign. It's a dead game, piece of shit, full of hackers, not redeemable in the least. At least COD4, though it had at most a fourth of the players online as in WaW, gave me more people playing legitimately, almost no God Mode hacks and mostly just that stupid shit where the screen would be blocked by the messages of "Join X Modding Site". It was easy to find a decent game with no hackers and mostly just people who wanted to play.

In this game I can't find a single game to join normally, and if I do, it has a hacker of some sort in it or some hacker joins and ruins everyone's fun.

These people need to have 10 car batteries hooked up to their nipples and dicks.

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