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I gave in and bought it today!

EDIT: This game crashes to the dashboard! I cannot continue my games. This cannot happen for a brand name like PES. don't buy before update!

EDIT 2: now, it's hard to say. mixed feelings. The mentioned problem does happen rather rarely, but when it happens, you have to start all over on the league etc, which can be major frustrating. On the other hand, the game is still very enjoyable!

And it is really easy achievement wise - here is why: when you are about to lose, hit the 'windows' button. now, you can continue, whereever you are in the cup/series and never have to start anew. I like it. Major problem is the lack of tutorial though.

here are the negatives:
- no choice of which player on the field to control. this results in the enemy running through your stupid defense, while you are running all the way back with a midfielder or offensive player. wtf=?!

- penalty shots - how do they even work? hence the lack of tutorial or help menu. you just press on the ball, and the player shoots how he likes, really...?! :/

if you can look aside of that, it's rather fun!

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