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I played Fable years ago but only recently played both 2 and 3. The only complaint I had with both of them was that they really didn’t last that long. The game world and quest lines are kind of small in comparison to other RPG games.

I’m kind of curious on what you consider a glitch though. I only experienced a couple minor glitches in Fable 3 and none of them were what I would consider game breaking, I certainly didn’t need to start my game over because of them. The worst of which was the time glitch, where time never changed unless I slept, but that actually came in handy quite a few times. In fact, the Fable Wiki only lists about a dozen bugs for the game and of those, only a couple of them are game breaking, so to say that there were “far, far, very far too much glitches” seems a little exaggerated to me.

As far as this new Fable failing, I think if it’s a Kinect game it will, at least with fans of RPG’s. I have no interest in jumping around in front of my TV and I never will. I play games to relax, if I wanted exercise I’d go to the gym. The problem is, the Fable series belongs to Microsoft so they’re obviously going to shove Kinect down our throats with it. What they need to do is release two versions, one Kinect and one traditional and see what sells more, my money would be on the traditional one. I think Microsoft knows that too seeing as only about 25% of Xbox users own a Kinect, a statistic Microsoft desperately wants to change.

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