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Well, I just joined XBox360a just to share and discuss my thoughts around this game. Being a PS3 player, there are few people who have gotten this game yet.

I've been playing this game for about 10 hours, and I really have to say that both Split/Second and Dirt 3 are better games than this one. At least in my opinion.

One mode that is uneccesary is the BIGRIG take out cop cars. I mean, drive a slow bigrig just to boost into cop cars?

The domination mode is better, though. Being pretty difficult. Even when you get access to the best cars in your class, the events are still challenging.

Someone mentioned the AI of the opponents, and it is top notch. And the tracks you race on can not be "DOMINATED" until you know it well enough.

And then you have the stunt events, which I've only tried a few so far. They are pretty fun actually.

Ofcourse you also have standard races, where destruction is disabled and your boost is only good for nitro.

All in all: I've yet to have a wow moment.
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