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Here is what I wrote about this game on TA:

Originally Posted by keung360
I haven't experienced much freezing with this game, but there are far too many other annoyances. Like with PES11, your AI teammate are stupid as frack, the DCs will ignore the ball or an opponent unless you switch to either of them and try to tackle. And that brings up another problem with the game, switching players. It's so annoyingly bad, because it will always switch to players that aren't near the ball. If the opponent is rushing towards your goal and you hope to switch to your DC, it will switch to someone who's behind the opponent, like a DMC, MC, and sometimes SB. If you however manage to switch to a DC, the other will still be like a headless chicken.

Another thing that's bugging me wildly with these games is how unresponsive your player is while in possession. If you want to make a quick shot or a quick pass, the player will more often than not run two or three steps before actually doing what you want him to do, and that usually leads to losing possession. Annoying, annoying, annoying.

I could probably write a book about all the annoyances this game offers, but I'll just leave it with this. Save your dough, this game ain't worth it. Period.
About penalties, you're supposed to "slide" with your finger in the direction you shoot. The faster you slide, the harder you shoot. I kinda just start at the ball and slide very slowly straight ahead so the shot goes in the middle of the goal. In most cases it ends up as a goal, because the keeper is absolutely retarded.

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