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For everyone posting about boosting this game, from what I’ve read in guides the gold trophy achievements require a group of at least 3, 4 is best though. Two is doable early on but unlikely in the later challenges. All players need a quality, working headset to communicate back and forth, this is a MUST!

As with anytime you’re looking for a boosting partner/group, it’s always advisable to post your location or time zone and what times you’re normally available. Please note, the gold trophy achievements are not something that can be knocked out in an hour or two.

The gold challenges also require a fair amount of teamwork and knowledge of the game to play, this isn’t one of those “I’ll stand here while you kill me 100 times then I’ll kill you” kind of things. Your undivided attention to the game is a must.

With the exception of the bronze/silver/gold trophy achievements, all the other online ones can be done with a single boosting partner or if necessary, by yourself. Getting the gold trophies will get you some, but not all the requirements for the other online achievements.

With all that said, I would like to put a group together to get the gold trophy achievements. I live in the U.S. (central time zone) but I’m available (day or night) pretty much anytime. If you already have a group and are looking for a third or fourth, then I’ll join you as long as you’re looking to do them all, I’m not going to do some and then be stuck half way looking for another group.

If you’re interested, message me with the times you’re available. I’ll be putting together the first group I can so if you message me and then you’re not available when the others are, I’ll skip you and go onto the next if necessary. My gamer tag is ReaptheChaos

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