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same thing happened to me, i contacted xbox. and they told me if it is not on marketplace you cannot get that item. now i put the gentlemans attire on my avatar through after 2 or 3 weeks or something, they were there on my xbox. so basically put them on your avatar on and after sometime they should be on your xbox. were there was a "!" now there is the clothing item that was spposed to be there. i guess put it on your guy then go to your avatar on your xbox and have it update, again it took me almost a month then it started showing up.

now when you put it on your avatar on you should be wearing it when you turn your xbox on. but it'll still be a ! were the award should be. itll update the avatar clothing everytime you edit your avatar, so keep doing that and i guess it forces the avatar clothing on there. i knida gave up on it, but i went to change my clothes from the gentlmans attire to something else i already had, and there it was. there was no more !, so i found all the other awards in the game and they were there with no problem
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