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Fastest method for all the grinding

So my pal FL Trooper BE came up with a much faster way to get all the grinding done in this game. I tweaked the method a little bit, to make it nearly twice as fast as any of the other methods I found on the internet for grinding out the finishers/specials/... in this game.

For cross assaults & cross arts:

Pick Yoshimitsu, with any partner. Make sure he has 75% health handicap to avoid perfects. Pick Akuma as an opponent, with any partner. 100% health.

Most methods speak of picking Hugo as an opponent, sometimes with 75% health. At this handicap, Hugo has a total of 862.5 health (75% of 1,150). Akuma only has 850 at 100%. This is the Goldilocks number, and I'll tell you why.

Once the fight starts, begin spamming the Swordpoke Windmill move (numpad format = 63214 + any punch). Do it 7 times and this should completely fill up your meter, leaving Akuma with the tiniest sliver of health. Hugo at 862.5 would also have very little health, but here's where the Akuma pick comes in handy.

If you hit the cross art (236 + YB), Yoshimitsu will knee Akuma to the face and kill him on the first hit. That means he doesn't go into the Cross Art animation, shaving at least an additional 5 seconds off every match.

For the cross assaults it technically doesn't really matter if you pick Akuma or Hugo, but why bother changing characters I guess.

It's also a viable method for the EX moves and super art lands and finishers, but I guess there are faster methods to do that. You can simply hadoken spam your way out of that pickle.

Anyway, it should be roughly 150 finishers an hour, netting those tedious achievements in roughly 6 hours total. Then it's on to landing another 200, but you could partially combine those with the online.

Anyway, this can be linked to the achievement guide as it turned out rather long, as always FelizP has my permission to use this if he wants. Feel free to try it out and share, it vastly helped me anyways.
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