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At Long Last

I've just got this achievement an hour or so ago after being at it for hours and hours over the past week. If I knew the tactics that I knew now I think I could have had it within a couple of tries.

This guide was a very good starting point to me I think, I don't think I would have done it without it. Mainly down to pointing to the use of M.Bison's psycho crusher and how helpful it is, as well as making sure to start against Ryu was a big help. There are a few opponents that caused me problems (some major), that after figuring out strategies, I managed to get on lock down almost 10 wins out of 10. I've spent hours at this achievement, so I figured I'd add some of the things that helped me in case they help anyone else.

The Balrog strategy I figured out is literally barely any different to the Balrog strategy mentioned, but just used slightly different. Jumping up diagonally backwards into the corner repeatedly and using HK, BUT CRUCIALLY always pressing HK after you have reached the peak of your jump and are on your way back down to the ground. With this I have fought Balrog a lot, and I have never lost a single round. It even works on 7 stars, I lost a round however on 7 stars but won the match still first time.

I found the Sagat strategy of jumping fireballs to trigger his uppercut just didn't ever work for me, it was ending up with me either getting an uppercut in mid-air or a fireball to the face. I tried loads of different strategies like this on CPU battle and I could never get one to work for me consistently. After watching a YouTube video though I discovered a strategy that is clear to pull off and I've only ever lost a round against him since, it even works on 7 stars (which I've just got in the half an hour since getting the PWC cheevo).

This strategy boils down to two main things; the low/weak (with X) version of Bison's psycho crusher and using his fireball attack patterns against him. The low version of his psycho crusher is just really effective against Sagat, it just seems to hit him a lot and whenever you don't land it you're never open to a throw you can just jump back away. You can use this whenever you're close to him and to knock him back, as your sort of first-line of defence against him and whenever he looks vulnerable to a straight-up attack. The 2nd main strategy is really cool. When Sagat starts nailing you with fireballs he tends, probably 3/4 of the time to go high fireball, low fireball, high fireball, low fireballs etc. Bison's full high HP psycho crusher you're used to using actually goes over his low fireball, it can't hit you. Whenever Sagat gets into this routine, or alternatively you could goad him into fireballing you, you can simply crouch and block and the second that the high fireball has missed straight away psycho crusher; you will go over the low fireball and hit him. Then you could maybe keep him at bay and hit him a few time with a few LP psycho crushers until he starts fireballing again.

I have to say that Bison gave me by absolute miles the most trouble. I must have probably spent around 3 hours+ practicing against him in CPU battle, just trying to find a strategy that was full proof. Most of the time for ages and ages I just straight up lost, occasionally I got a win losing a round, and very very rarely I managed to straight up double ko him.

I tried everything from LP psycho crushers to pretty much every single one of Bison's attacks trying to find that one single strategy that was full-proof, or near-full-proof at worst. As there was no way I was repeatedly taking all of Arcade mode on, on the off-chance of just getting extremely lucky against Bison. After ages of practice though I have found a strategy that I can nail Bison with near enough every time, I beat Bison on 7 stars with this strategy too on probably about my third attempt, and on 0 stars can double ko most times than not.

My strategy is not too far away from topic creator's of keeping your distance and using psycho crusher, but just fine tuned maybe, from hours and hours of practicing against him.

The basis of taking Bison on is like usual to mainly rely on your full power HP psycho crusher, but the key is when to use it. If you use it when Bison is at the other side of the stage you'll end up doing a bit of chip damage but will end up cornered and more times than not getting a throw or a kick or usually a combination of both.

I found that psycho crushering like a madman always ends up with getting your ass handed to you by Bison. Instead, focus on getting to the opposite side of him and with your back to the far wall, and whenever he is jumping onto you head or kicking you, just block. Don't try to counter him and generally don't try and jump to avoid him unless you see totally necessary. Just block. His jumps to your head and his kicks don't cause any chip damage. And if you don't jump, he won't psycho crusher, which does cause chip damage.

The key focus is the sweet spot for psycho crushering. There is a point when he is approaching where psycho crushers hit him probably 70% of the time. You always want to be at the far side, whether the left or the right depending upon where Bison is coming at you from. Then when Bison is doing his walk towards you, at the point where he has just passed the edge of the big bell in the centre, ALWAYS on the side closest to you, do your HP psycho crusher. At this point more often than not he will jump into it and it will straight hit him, and you will end up in the same position on the other side with a chance to repeat this strategy. If you do it slightly too early he will freeze and block and you will still end up relatively safe on the other side. Occasionally even when you time it right, he will try and kick, which sometimes your psycho crusher will take down no problem and sometimes it can hit you. If he does kick and hit you however, the second you land just do a low HK (the attack where you glide across the floor at their legs) and you will always take his legs (and do more damage to him than he did to you), as well as placing you in a position to go for the sweet spot again, or psycho crusher across to safety at the other side if he is very close.

There is one other notable moment where it is sometimes worth it to do a psycho crusher. Occasionally Bison does this weird thing where he just jumps up once or twice without kicking or doing anything. Not his charge jump to your head, but just a regular jump up once or twice completely and utterly vulnerable to any attacks. I think this is some CPU way of doing something defenceless intentionally, so the CPU isn't permanently set to go after your head. It seems to happen especially after he's been going hard trying to get you. You may have seen it before, and at this point if doing a psycho crusher won't land you in a compromising position then it's a nice free psycho crusher sometimes.

All of these are hopefully just pointers, you may have some cool strategies or some attacks that work well in certain situation that I haven't figured out. Always do what works best for you and works best in the situation. There will always be times to deviate from any given strategy when you're given an opening.

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