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How to boost the games solo in about 2 hours

I discovered a method that makes this achievement a lot more obtainable and less daunting. The achievement does not actually require you to finish 150 games, just start that many. This means that you can join a game and then quit immedietely to have it count. I tested this myself earlier this week and I know it works for other people too:

- At the map select screen, hover over any game type and hit x to start a private session.

- After the short loading screen, scroll down and hit start game.

- Wait the ten seconds at the loadout screen, and then spawn. As soon as you land pause the game and quit.

- After the loading screen, just rinse and repeat.

It took me about a minute per game, so - if you have every other online achievement - it should take about 122 minutes if you are perfect every time. If you get distracted a bit, then it should still only be about 2.5 hours. Hope this helps some people who wanted to complete this game.
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