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Originally Posted by Cindy View Post
Hey guys, i just figured out how to get this achievement sooo easy.

Just play any level you need and then play it until you reached the last checkpoint, it doesen't matter how much you'll dying, just play it to the last checkpoint. If you never died till the last checkpoint, don't use this trick, cause it only makes sense if you'll dying before the last checkpoint.

Now when you reached the last checkpoint, press Start>open Xbox Guide>go to the Xbox dashboard by pressing Y>Start the game again>on the Menu of the game, click Continue level> and then just finish the level!

If you finished the level, it will say 0 deaths on the screen and it counts! So just use this trick if you're stucked on a hard level, it will save you alot of time, especially for the beginners ;-)

I hope this thread is helpful =)

Really thank you for this find. Just one question, is there any way to know whens the last check point in the level ?. Ima do this method on my mop run through to get missing Biomass upgrades & some misc achievements.

Edit: To answer my own question I found this (I do not take credit for this, credit goes to Mattism):

1. Awakening: Once you have used the lever at the top to unlock the door on the bottom level in the fountain courtyard area go down to this door and through it. Once you have gone through the door this will be your final checkpoint. Dashboard here.

2. Run from Beast: There will checkpoint when you get to the AA gun battle with the boss. Dashboard here.

3. Kurskaya Station: At the end of the level there will be 2 control panels you have to hack. When you have finished hacking the second control panel the game should save. Dashboard here.

4. Inside the Perimeter: When you get to the part of the level where there are 3 bridges that you need to lower there should be a checkpoint when you first get here. Dashboard here.

5. Field Hospital: You will get to a point where there is a platform with some AA guns overlooking an area. Once you run up onto that platform there should be a checkpoint. Dashboard here. (Be sure to get all the cocoons around the area before finishing).

6. Way to Base: There will be a checkpoint right before you drop into a big pit to fight 'Annihilator'. Dashboard here.

7. The Mound: After disabling the last Reactor. Head back to the main area and there should be a checkpoint when you drop into the room. Dashboard here.

8. The Base: When you get to a room with 4 sentry guns there will be a battery to activate. Once you activate the battery there should be a checkpoint. Dashboard here. (Be sure to get your rage kill achievements here once you reload to finish the level).

9. Final Battle: There are no checkpoints. Just defeat the final boss without dying

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