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Originally Posted by Bahroo3 View Post
I got this challenge a little bit ago and thought I would post it here for those who might want to try their luck with something a little harder than the normal Insanity.

-Cannot upgrade Fitness.
-Default (Katana, Mantis, Predator, Shuriken, and Avenger) weapons only
-Cannot upgrade weapons or modify default armor beyond appearance
-No Attachments
-Cannot use Soldier Class
-Cannot use Tactical Cloak
-Must carry all 5 weapons at all times
-Cannot use Cobra Launcher or Firestorm
-Squadmates powers must be set to "Free use"
-Cannot order squadmates to attack a specific target.
-Must be on Insanity the entire game
-Must do all combat side missions

Challenge Accepted. Now watch me spend two years trying to get this. They will have real Mass Effect technology before I finish this.
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