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Prologue: Earth- (Note: this never officially shows in your mission log) Starts when you start the game.
Details- This is basically a tutorial for the controls, simply follow all audio and on-screen instructions.
End- Technically when your reinstated by Anderson on the Normandy. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- +8 Par/Ren, 2,000 XP received when you take control again on Mars.
Mission Rewards- 2 Medi-Gels available, Collectibles are: Predator, Avenger
Enemy Types- Husks(5), Cannibals(8)
Disk- #1
Unwavering Achievement-(1/27)
Achievement Unlocked- Driven

1. Priority: Mars- Starts when Admiral Hackett orders you to Mars.
Details- Meet with Liara; Enter the Archive; Recover the stolen data.
End- Technically when you give your report to Hackett. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- +2 Par/Ren, +15 Rep, 35,000 credits awarded after speaking with Commander Bailey upon arrival at the Citadel.
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (2151), 6 Medi-Gels available, +13 Par/Ren, Collectibles are: Mantis, Ariake Technologies Gauntlets, Shuriken, Kassa Fabrication Chestplate, SMG Scope, Ultralight Materials, High Caliber Barrel, Sniper Extended Barrel, Katana, Sniper Concentration Mod, Shotgun Shredder Mod, Vindicator.
Enemy Types- Assault Trooper(58), Centurion(5), Guardian(8), "Boss"(1)
Disk- #1
Unwavering Achievement-(2/27)
Achievement Unlocked- Bringer of War

*Mission added to Log (See #2)

CHECKLIST- 1st time on Citadel
- 7 talks
- Start 2 missions
- End 1 mission

Talk- Once you've finished speaking to Commander Bailey upon your first arrival to the Citadel (all automatic), head towards the passenger lounge (#2 Normandy Dock) to speak with Diana Allers.
Details- Select "Let's do a trial run".
Rewards- Gain Diana as a war asset worth 5 points.

Talk- Head to Huerta Memorial Hospital and speak with Dr. Chakwas in patient lounge (#1 Hospital).
Details- Select the top dialog options for:
Rewards- +5 Rep, new crew member available. (can be gained as war asset if turned down)

Talk- At the same location (#1 hospital), just on the other side of the room, speak with Dr. Michel.
Details- Any dialog will result in:
Rewards- +2 Rep (possible to gain crew member if Chakwas doesn't join)

Talk- Go to the inpatient wing (#3 hospital) in one of the rooms on the right side.
Details- Speak with Ashley (Note: same for Kaidan. If talks diverge, I'll let you know. For now, Ashley is the same for Kaidan) to get:
Rewards- +2 Rep (if romancing, purchase gift before entering room)

*Mission added to Log (See #8)

Talk- Before heading into Udina's office, go into Commander Bailey's office (#3 Embassies)
Details- Speak to Bailey to earn:
Rewards- +2 Par/Ren

2. Priority: The Citadel (#1)- Starts when Hackett orders you to see the council. (End of P: Mars)
Details- Go to the Citadel; Go to Councilor Udina's office (#2 C. Embassies).
End- Technically when you return to Udina's office. Automatic, no turn-in required.
Rewards- +4 Par/Ren awarded after your talk with Councilor Sparatus.
Disk- #1

*Mission added to Log (See #5)

Talk- Before you enter the elevator to leave the citadel embassies (#4/5 Embassies),
Details- Speak to Khalisah al-Jilani to gain:
Rewards- +5 Par/Ren, choose paragon interrupt to gain her as a war asset worth 10 points.

Talk- While still at the same location near the elevator (#4/5 Embassies)
Details- Speak with James for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

CHECKLIST- 1st time on Normandy
- 6 Talks
- Start 2 missions

*Mission added to Log (See #7)

*Mission added to Log (See #3)

Talk- While aboard Normandy go to Liara's Cabin (#1 Crew Deck) to:
Details- Speak with Liara for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Talk- Then head to medical (#4 Crew D.) to:
Details- Speak with Dr. Chakwas for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Talk- Use the elevator to head towards engineering (#1 Engineering) to:
Details- Speak with Engineer Adams for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Talk- Then go to the starboard cargo (#3 Engineering) to:
Details- Speak with Diana Allers for:
Rewards- +2 Rep, +2 Par/Ren

Talk- Take the elevator to the Armory (#1 Shuttle Bay) to:
Details- Speak with Cortez for:
Rewards- +2 Par/Ren

Talk- Midway to the back of the Armory (#1 Shuttle Bay) on the left side is a chance to:
Details- Speak with James for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

This will include the following destinations:
Serpent Nebula (Citadel)
Annos Basin (1 system)
Apien Crest (3 systems)
Exodus Cluster (2 systems)
Hades Gamma (5 systems)
Kite's Nest (2 systems)
Sigurd's Cradle (2 systems)

CHECKLIST- 1st time using Galaxy Map
- Start 2 missions
- End 3 missions

*Mission added to Log (See #4)

3. Priority: Eden Prime- Starts when you read the entry available in your private terminal (#2 CIC).
Details- Land on Eden Prime in the Utopia system of Exodus Cluster; Activate Elevator to the dig site; Locate 1st pod data; Locate 2nd pod data; Find way back to pod; Defend Location.
End- When you open the pod.
End Rewards- +2 Rep, Particle Beam Rifle, New Party member available.
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (500), +6 Par/Ren, +5 Rep, 3 Medi-Gels available, Collectibles are: Resistance Intel (3 total for War Asset worth 100), Salvage for Credits(15000)
Enemy Types- Assault Trooper(26), Engineer(7), Centurion(5), Nemesis(2), Guardian(5), Turrets(1), Atlas(1)
Disk- #1 or 2
Achievement Unlocked- Prothean Expert

4. Eden Prime: Resistance Movement- Starts after you land on Eden Prime. You'll get a "view" prompt to click your right analog stick and then enter the building to your immediate right to read the 1st terminal and start the side mission.
Details- Activate elevator to the dig site; Stay left (building 5) to find and read 2nd terminal; enter a building marked "2" outside but inside is marked "9" to find and read 3rd terminal.
End- When you open the pod at the end of P: Eden Prime.
Rewards- War Asset E.P. Support worth 100 points.
Disk- #1 or 2
Achievement Unlocked- Freedom Fighter

5. Priority: Palaven- Starts when you've entered Councilor Udina's office (#2 Embassies) and spoken to Councilor Sparatus. (End of P: Citadel)
Details- Land on Menae in the Trebia system of Apien Crest; Talk to General Corinthus; Repair Tower; Talk to G. Corinthus; Clear the Airfield; Defend the Barricade (turret); Find General Victus
End- Technically when you board the Normandy. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- 12,500 credits, +15 Rep, New party member available
Mission Rewards- Mission XP(1350), +4 Par/Ren, 5 Medi-Gels available, Salvage for Credits(1135) and XP(150), Collectibles are: Viper, Armax Arsenal Shoulder Guard, Pistol Piercing Mod, Pistol Magazine, Hahne-Kedar Greaves, Assault Rifle Piercing Mod, Scimitar, Assault Rifle Magazine, Sniper spare ammo, Sniper Enchanced Scope.
Enemy Types- Husk(96), Marauder(9), Brute(4), Cannibal(9)
Disk- #1
Unwavering Achievement-(3/27)
Achievement Unlocked- Mobilizer

*Mission added to Log (See #18)

CHECKLIST- Aboard the Normandy
- 2 Talks
- Start 1 mission

Talk- Listen to Traynor tell you to enter the AI core (#3 C. Deck) to:
Details- Speak with EDI for:
Rewards- +4 Par/Ren, gain new party member

Talk- Head to the Main Battery (#2 C. Deck) to:
Details- Speak with Garrus for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

*Mission added to Log (See #6)

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