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CHECKLIST- Using the Galaxy Map
- Scan 1 planet
- Start 2 missions
- End 2 missions

**Scan Talis Fia (see #8)

6. Grissom Academy: Investigation- Starts when speaking with Traynor (#2 CIC) to receive the information on G.A.
Details- Dock with Grissom Academy in the Vetus system of Petra Nebula; mission name updates to Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation; talk to Kahlee Sanders; save Reiley Bellarmine; find Seanne Bellarmine; clear Orion Hall; Find laptop; find door override; speak to Octavia; use computer nearby (before Atlas mech) to retrieve biotic amp interfaces; use empty Atlas.
End- Technically when you board the Cerberus shuttle. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- 12,500 credits, War Assets Kahlee Sanders (20), Jack (25), and based on your decision, either using students as Support (50) or Artillery (75)
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (1200), +15 Par/Ren, +10 Rep, 3 Medi-Gels available, Salvage/Interact for Credits(13520) and XP(160), Collectibles are: Assault Rifle Stability Damper, SMG Heat Sink, Eviscerator, M-96 Mattock, Mnemonic Visor, Assault Rifle Precision Scope, (Extra M-96 Mattock, Eviscerator, Sniper Rifle Piercing Mod- all from saving David in Overlord DLC) Biotic Amp Schematics(War Asset), Serrice Council Chestplate.
Enemy Types- Assault Trooper(34), Centurion(30), Engineer(17), Turret(2), Guardian(10), Atlas(3)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(4/27)
Achievement Unlocked- Liberator

*Mission added to Log (See #11)

7. N7: Cerberus Lab- Starts after boarding the Normandy, walk up to Traynor (#2 CIC) next to the galaxy map to hear her start informing you of the mission.
Details- Land on Sanctum of the Decoris System inside Sigurd's Cradle; Start left to head upstairs to find the failed medi-gel experiment; Recover 1st artifact; Drop off artifact in the shuttle; recover 2nd artifact; Wait for extract at shuttle's original location (where you made drop off. Note: all enemies must be eliminated).
End- When you extract via the shuttle.
End Rewards- +5 Rep, 10,000 credits
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (562), 1 Medi-Gel available, Collectibles are: Sniper Rifle Enhance Scope, Alien Medi-Gel Formula(War Asset), Salvage/Interacts are for Credits(10000) and XP(46)
Enemy Types- Assault Trooper(20), Centurion(10), Engineer(3), Guardian(2), Turret(?)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(5/27)

*Mission added to Log (See #10)

CHECKLIST- Aboard the Normandy
- 2 Talks

Talk- Head toward the bridge (#1 CIC) to:
Details- Speak with EDI for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Talk- Take elevator to Armory (#1 Sh. Bay) to:
Details- Speak with Cortez for:
Rewards- +4 Par/Ren

CHECKLIST- The Citadel
- 11 Talks
- 4 Supports
- 3 Spectre Terminal entries
- Start 12 missions
- End 6 missions

8. Shrike Abyssal: Prothean Obelisk- Starts by exiting the elevator on Citadel Embassies and heading left near the office suite (#5 Embassies) to find a Volus speaking to a human and a Turian. Listen to the conversation to get the mission to start.
Details- Scan Talis Fia which is in the Urla Rast system of Shrike Abyssal.
End- Speak with the same Volus who is still at the same location for the turn-in.
Rewards- 20,000 credits, +5 rep
Disk- #2

*Mission added to Log (See #22)

9. Citadel: Hanar Diplomat- talk to Jondum Bau outside of Bailey's office (#2 C. Embassies). Important Note: Once this mission is started, it should be completed without ANY interruption.
Details- 1st terminal is outside the office suite (#5 C. Embassies); 2nd terminal is at the security checkpoint (#1 D. Holding Area); 3rd terminal is at Bay E28 (#4 D. Holding A.); 4th terminal is again at the security checkpoint (#1 D.H.A.)
End- Turn-in by talking to J. Bau outside of the office suite (#5 C. Embassies)
Rewards- War Assets Kasumi (25), Spectre (40), and Hanar & Drell (50)
Disk- #2

Spectre Terminal:
-Citadel Entry Authorization Needed: Authorize for War Asset (5)
-Military Pardons for Engineers: Authorize for Crew Members
-Hanar Embassy Tracking: Authorize for ??

10. Citadel: Alien Medi-Gel Formula- Starts when you find the formula during N7: Cerberus Lab.
Details/End- Talk to Dr. Ravin in the patient lounge (#1 hospital) for:
Rewards- 1,000 credits, War Asset (8 pts.), +5 Rep
Disk- #2

Support- In the patient lounge (#1 Hospital) at the reception desk will be a hospital visitor (human female) and a hospital receptionist (human female) having a debate.
Agree with visitor or receptionist- +2 Rep

Talk- Stay in the patient lounge (#1 hospital) to:
Details- Speak to Thane for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

11. Citadel: Biotic Amp Interfaces- Starts when you find the interfaces during the G. Academy mission.
Details/End- Speak to the Asari scientist in lab services (#2 hospital) for:
Rewards- 5,000 credits, +5 Rep, War Asset (8), 210 XP
Disk- #2

Talk- Walk to the inpatient wing (#3 hospital) to:
Details- Speak with Ashley for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

*Mission added to Log (See #17)

Support- In the bank (#1 P. Commons) will be a male and female human having a debate.
Agree with Gung-ho Citizen- +2 Rep
Agree with Reluctant Citizen- +2 Rep, War Asset (5)

*Mission added to Log (See #30)

Talk- Along the walkway (#2/3 P. Commons) will be a Turian and a Salarian talking.
Details- Speak with the businessmen to warn them for:
Rewards- War Asset (5 pts)

Talk- Walk to Apollo's Cafe (#3 P. Commons) to find Liara sitting at a table.
Details- Speak with Liara for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

*Mission added to Log (See #20)

Talk- In the courtyard (#4 P. Comm.) will be a male and female human having a debate.
Details- Speak with them for:
Rewards- +2 Rep, War Asset (CDF update)

Talk- Go to Meridian Place Market (#6 P. Comm.) to:
Details- Speak with EDI for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Talk- Stay in Meridian Place Market (#6 P. Comm.) to:
Details- Speak with Joker for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Support- At Aegohr Munitions (far right side of P. Commons map) will be a male human and a salarian having a debate.
Agree with the Sales Clerk or Customer for +2 Rep

*Mission added to Log (See #32)

*Mission added to Log (See #24)

*Mission added to Log (See #15)

Talk- Walk over to the lower bar (#3 Purgatory) to:
Details- Speak with James for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

*Missions added to Log (See #12, 13, 14)

12. Aria: Blood Pack- Start by talking to Aria in the VIP lounge (#2 Purgatory)
Details- Go to the commons apartments (#2 P. Commons); Enter room #86
End- Automatic after 1 dialog option, no turn-in.
Rewards- +2 Rep, +5 Par/Ren, 5,000 credits, War Asset (100)
Disk- #2

13. Aria: Eclipse- Start by talking to Aria in the VIP lounge (#2 Purgatory)
Details- Talk with Bailey (# C. Embassies), Talk with C-Sec officer at C-Sec (#5 P. Commons); Talk with Sayn at Cargo Hold:A (#5 Docks: Holding Area)
End- Automatic as your leaving the Docks
Rewards- 5,000 credits, War Asset (50)
Disk- #2

Support-As you pass through the security checkpoint (#1/2 Docks: HA) there will be a human male and female having a debate to your immediate right.
Agree- with the Refugee for +2 Rep, War Asset (-2)
Agree- with the Dock Officer for +2 Rep, War Asset (7)

*Mission added to Log (See #16)

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