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Talk- Head to Cargo Hold:A (#5 D: HA) to:
Details- Speak with Garrus for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Talk- Note: This is only available to those who invited Kelly Chambers to their cabin in ME2. Go to Cargo Hold: B (#6 D: HA) to:
Details- Speak with Kelly for:
Rewards- +2 Rep, *If you had surviving fish from ME2 and didn't purchase any thus far, she will give you all of your fish back to you.

Talk- with Miranda in the Normandy Dock (D24) to prevent her death later in the game.

Ismar Frontier (1 system)
Kite's Nest (1 system added)

-Scan 4 planets

**Scan Vana (see #14)

**Scan Khar'Shan (see #16)

**Scan Digeris (see #15)

**Scan Metaponto (see #17)

CHECKLIST- Citadel (yes, again)
-End 4 missions

14. Aria: Blue Suns- Start by talking to Aria in the VIP lounge (#2 Purgatory) Note: This mission can end faster and without travel if you choose the renegade option of having Oraka killed.
Details- Talk to Darner Vosque at Cargo Hold:A (#5 Docks: HA); Talk with General Oraka in the courtyard (#4 P. Commons); talk to Kannik at Meridian Place Market (#6 P. Commons); scan Vana in the Vular system of Kite's Nest; Talk with Kannik at original location
End- Talk with G. Oraka at the same spot as before for:
Rewards- +5 Par/Ren, War Asset (50)
Disk- #2

15. Apien Crest: Banner of the First Regiment- Overhear the group of 3 turians at the lower bar (#3 Purgatory)
Details- Scan Digeris in the Castellus system of Apien Crest
End- Turn-in to the same group at the same location for:
Rewards- +5 Rep, 15,000 credits, War Asset (30 pts.)
Disk- #2

16. Kite's Nest: Pillars of Strength- Overhear the batarian preacher in Cargo Hold:C (#7 Docks: HA)
Details- Scan Khar'Shan in the Harea system of Kite's Nest
End- Turn-in by talking to the preacher at the same location for:
Rewards- +5 Rep, War Asset (40)
Disk- #2

17. Ismar Frontier: Prototype Components- In the room across from Ashley listen to the Salarian scientist.
Details- Scan Metaponto in the Aquila system of Ismar Frontier
End- Turn-in by talking to the scientist at the original location for:
Rewards- +2 Rep
Disk- #2

CHECKLIST- Galaxy Map/Normandy (Finally the main story)
- Scan 1 Planet
- 1 Support
- 2 Talks
- Start 4 missions
- End 2 missions

18. Priority: Sur'Kesh- Starts when Councilor Tevos refuses to join the summit. (End of P. Palaven)
Details- Dock with the diplomatic ships in the Pranas system of Annos Basin; Talk with Major Kirrahe; Talk with Padok Wiks; Activate quarantine checkpoint #1; re-activate power terminal; Activate quarantine checkpoint #2; Activate quarantine checkpoint #3; defend female Krogan.
End- Technically when you board Normandy. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- +15 Rep, +2 Par/Ren, 12,500 credits, War Asset (20)
Mission Rewards- +14 Par/Ren, Mission XP(3000), 3 Medi-Gels available, Salvage for Credits(7500), Collectibles are: Assault Rifle Extended Barrel, Shotgun Spare Ammo, Pistol High Caliber Barrel, Sentry Interface, Raptor, Pistol Scope, Scorpion.
Enemy Types- Assault Trooper(35), Centurion(8), Engineer(2), Turrets(2), Guardian(4), Atlas(1)
Disk- #1
Unwavering Achievement-(6/27)
Achievement Unlocked- World Shaker

*Missions added to Log (See #19, 21, 26, 27)

Talk- Take elevaator to the armory (#1 Shuttle Bay) to:
Details- Speak with Cortez for:
Rewards- +2 Rep, +2 Par/Ren

Support-Diana and Ensign Copeland are having a debate in the Starboard Cargo Hold (#3 Engineering).
Agree- with Diana or crewman to gain +2 Rep.

Krogan DMZ (3 systems)
Horsehead Nebula (1 system)
Gemini Sigma (1 sys)
Ninmah Cluster (1 sys)

19. Attican Traverse: The Rachni- Starts when you speak with Wrex in the War Room (#3 CIC)
Details- Land on Utukku in the Mulla Xul system of Ninmah Cluster; Talk to Grunt; Explore Tunnels; Examine Krogan Body for dying message; Find central chamber; Destroy all Reaper nodes
End- Technically when you give your report to Hackett. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- +5 Rep, + 9 Par/Ren, 12,500 credits, War Assets Grunt (25), Aralakh Co. (50), and Rachni (100)
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (2000), +2 Par/Ren, 1 Medi-Gel available, Collectibles are: Claymore, Pistol High Caliber Barrel, SMG High Caliber Barrel, Krogan's Final Request, Shotgun Spare Ammo, Ariake Technologies Shoulder Guard, Pistol Piercing Mod. Salvage for Credits(8785)
Enemy Types- Spore Pod(112), Gestation Pod(67), Husks(27), Ravager(8), Cannibal(18), Barrier Generator(4), Swarmers(alot)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(7/27)
Achievement Unlocked- Tunnel Rat

Talk- In the same location you give your report to Hackett, activate to:
Details- Speak with Anderson to gain:
Rewards- +2 Rep

**Scan Rothla (see #20)

CHECKLIST- Citadel (Just a head's up...If you hate the Citadel, you'll hate it more because the majority of the game is spent on it. Kind of like ME1.)
- 4 Talks
- Start 2 missions
- End 1 mission

20. Citadel: Barla Von- After speaking to Liara, go to the bank (#1 P. Commons) and speak to Barla Von.
Details- Scan Rothla of the Dranek system in the Krogan DMZ.
End- Speak with Barla Von at the same location for the turn-in.
Rewards- +5 Rep, War Asset (25), 120 XP
Disk- #1 or 2

Talk- Head to Ashley's room (#3 Hospital) to:
Details- Speak with Ashley for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

*Mission added to Log (See #23)

Talk- Head to the Councilor's office (#2 C. Embassies) to:
Details- Speak with Udina for:
Rewards- +2 Par/Ren

*Mission added to Log (See #24)

Talk- Head to Cargo Hold B (#6 Dock HA) to:
Details- Speak with Kelly for:
Rewards- +2 Par/Ren

Talk- Go to the (#3 N. Dock: Bay D24) to:
Details- Speak with Cortez for:
Rewards- +2 Par/Ren

CHECKLIST- Normandy/Galaxy Map
- Start 1 mission
- End 2 missions

*Mission added to Log (See #22)

21. N7: Cerberus Attack- Overhear Traynor informing you of the mission (#2 CIC)
Details- Land on Utukku in the Mulla Xul system of Ninmah Cluster; Find the old Grid Schematics (same room as the control console); Activate the control console; Activate Power Module #1 and #2;
End- Re-activate control console to end the mission.
End Rewards- +5 Rep, 12,500 Credits
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (600), 1 Medi-Gel available, Collectibles are: Old Grid Schematics(War Asset), Armax Arsenal Gauntlets. Salvage for Credits(11000)
Enemy Types- Assault Trooper(18), Engineer(4), Turret(1), Centurion(10), Nemesis(1), Guardian(5)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(8/27)

22. N7: Cerberus Abductions- Listen to Traynor at the galaxy map (#2 CIC) to start the mission.
Details- Land on Benning in Euler system of Arcturus Stream; Start right to find dogtags on the ground in between buildings #22 and 27; Talk to civilians; Defend civilians
End- Enter the shuttle.
End Rewards- +5 Rep, 10,000 credits, War Asset (60)
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (675), 2 Medi-Gels available, Collectibles are Dog Tags. Salvage for Credits(7500)
Enemy Types- Assault Trooper(26), Centurion(7), Engineer(4), Turret(1)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(9/27)

- 1 Talk
- 1 Spectre Terminal
- Start 1 mission
- End 3 missions

23. Benning: Evidence- Talk to Ambassador Dominic Osaba near the elevator (#4/5 C. Embassies).
Details- Find the dog tags during N7: Cerberus Abductions.
End- Turn-in by talking to Dominic again at the original location.
Rewards- +5 Rep
Disk- #1 or 2

Spectre Terminal:
-Civilian Deportation Order: Authorize for CDF War Asset update

24. Citadel: Improved Power Grid- Listen to the human female in front of Purgatory (#1 Purg.)
Details- Find the power grid during #21 N7: Cerberus Attack
End- Turn-in by talking to the same person at the original location.
Rewards- +5 Rep, War Asset (8)
Disk- #2

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