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25. Citadel: Krogan Dying Message- Listen to the Asari at Nos Astra Sporting Goods (#6 P. Commons) to begin.
Details- Find message during #19 AT: Rachni; Talk to Ereba (Asari's name) at original location.
End- When you play the message, you'll gain:
Rewards- +5 Rep
Disk- #2

Talk- Go to the Memorial (#8 Docking HA) to:
Details- Speak with Cortez for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

CHECKLIST- Tuchanka (Now everybody scream together, TUCHANKA! Good job. Now go kick some ass!)
-Start 2 missions
-End 3 missions

26A. Tuchanka: Turian Platoon- Talk with Primarch Victus in the war room (#3 CIC).
Details- Land on Utukku in the Mulla Xul system of Ninmah Cluster; Save 1st escape pod; Save 2nd pod; Talk with Lt. Victus.
End- Technically when you're aboard Normandy. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- +10 Rep, +4 Par/Ren, 12,500 Credits
Mission Rewards- Mission XP(600), 2 Medi-Gels available, Collectibles are SMG Magazine Upgrade, Tempest, Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo, Phaeston, SMG Ultralight Materials, Hahne-Kedar Chestplate, Shotgun Smart Choke, Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel. Salvage for Credits(12500)
Enemy Types- Husks(9), Cannibals(14), Harvester(4), Marauder(5), Brute(1)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(10/27)

26B. Tuchanka: Bomb- Starts when Lt. Victus informs you of the bomb. (End of #26A)
Details- Land on Utukku in the Mulla Xul system of Ninmah Cluster; Clear landing site; Locate bomb; Find Turret Control Schematics; Defend Lt. Victus.
End- Technically when you report to Hackett. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- +10 Rep, +4 Par/Ren, 12,500 Credits, War Asset (75)
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (600), +2 Par/Ren, 2 Medi-Gels available, Collectibles are Incisor, Shotgun Blade Attachment, Rosenkov Materials Gauntlets, SMG Heat Sinks, Pistol Scope, Sniper Rifle Concentration Module, Pistol Melee Stunner, Turret Control Schematics(War Asset). Salvage/Interacts for Credits(12500)
Enemy Types- Assault Trooper(47), Centurion(7), Engineer(3), Turrets(2), Guardian(2), Atlas(1)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(11/27)

*Mission added to Log (See #31)

27. Priority: Tuchanka-Starts after the end of P: Sur'Kesh.
Details- Land on Utukku in the Mulla Xul system of Ninmah Cluster; Defend Eve; Talk with scout; Escape Catacomb; Get to the truck; Activate maw hammer #1; Activate maw hammer #2
End- Technically when you give your report to Hackett. Automatic; no turn-in required.
End Rewards- +4 Par/Ren, 25,000 credits, War Assets Wrex (30), Clans (300), Urdnot (300), Mercs (75), 43rd (90), 7th Fleet (100), Engineer (110). Note: if you choose renegade options, you will gain Salarian Fleet (150) and lose the Mercenaries (75).
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (2000), +11 Par/Ren, 2 Medi-Gels available, Collectibles are Shotgun Smart Choke, Death Mask, Pistol Melee Stunner, Graal Spike Thrower, Pistol Magazine Upgrade, Assault Rifle Extended Barrel, M-5 Phallax. Salvage for Credits(25000)
Enemy Types- Husks(36), Cannibal(26), Ravager(4), Brute(11), Marauder(2)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(12/27)
Achievement Unlocked- Pathfinder

- 4 Talks
- Start 3 missions

*Mission added to Log (See #29)

*Mission added to Log (See #28)

*Mission added to Log (See #39)

Talk- Go to the Starboard Cargo Hold (#3 Eng.) to:
Details- Speak with Diana for:
Rewards- +5 Par/Ren (Paragon only- War Asset 5 pts.)

Talk- Now go to the Port CH (#4 Eng.) to:
Details- Speak with Javik for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Talk- Skip over to Liara's Office (#1 Crew Deck) to:
Details- Speak with Liara for:
Rewards- +2 Rep


Talk- On the bridge (#1 CIC) you can:
Details- Speak with Joker/Garrus for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Aethon Cluster (4 systems)
Attican Beta (2 sys.)

CHECKLIST- Galaxy Map/Normandy
- 1 Talk
- Scan 1 planet
- End 1 mission

28. N7: Cerberus Fighter Base- Begins when you overhear Traynor (#2 CIC) talking about the mission.
Details- Land on Noveria in Pax system of Horsehead Nebula; Clear the area; Find Heating Unit Stabilizers; Deactivate Security Console; Defend location; Deactivate Security Console; Clear landing pad.
End- Technically when you give your report to Hackett. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- +5 Rep, 10,000 Credits, War Asset (75)
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (750), 3 Medi-Gels available, Collectibles are Pistol Magazine Upgrade and Heating Unit Stabilizers. Salvage for Credits(6000)
Enemy Types- Assault Trooper(21), Centurion(7), Guardian(1), Engineer(2), Turret(1), Nemesis(1), Atlas(1)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(13/27)

Talk- Use your personal terminal in your cabin (#1 Captain's Cabin) to:
Details- Invite Liara to your cabin for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

**Scan Irune (see #30)

- 6 Talks
- 4 Supports
- 4 Spectre Terminal entries
- Start 18 missions
- End 9 missions

29. Priority: The Citadel (#2)- Starts when the Salarian councilor asks you to return to the citadel. (End of P: Tuchanka)
Details- Land on Citadel; Clear area; Talk to Bailey; go to Executor's office; Clear Shalmar Plaza; Stop the councilor elevator.
End- Mission ends when speaking to Bailey, but it doesn't technically end until you board Normandy and give the report to Hackett and Anderson.
End Rewards- +2 Par/Ren (Bailey talk), +15 Rep, +4 Par/Ren, War Assets CDF (with updates should be at 42), Asari {Science, 2nd, 6th, D. Ascension}(340), Salarian 3rd fleet (125), Turian 6th fleet (135)
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (1380), +2 Par/Ren, 4 Medi-Gels available Collectibles are Assault Rifle Piercing Mod, M-76 Revenant, Recon Hood, Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel, Pistol Piercing Mod, Pistol High Caliber Barrel, Securitel Helmet, M-25 Hornet, M-358 Talon*Back track for this after finding door control*, Sniper Rifle Piercing Mod. Salvage for Credits(18750)
Enemy Types- Centurion(8), Engineer(4), Turret(2), Assault Trooper(27), Guardian(3), Phantom(3), Nemesis(3), Atlas(1)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(14/27)
Achievement Unlocked- Arbiter

*Mission added to Log (See #64)

Spectre Requisitions:
- Buy Heating Unit Stabilizers (See #32) for 1,000 credits (Note: both Bahroo3 and I were unable to have this item appear properly in the N7 mission (#28), so be aware that if it doesn't you can purchase it now)

*Mission added to Log (See #60)

30. Irune: Book of Plenix- Listen to a volus speaking to a salarian in the bank (#1 P. Commons).
Details- Scan Irune in Aru system of Aethon Cluster.
End- Turn-in by speaking with the Volus at the bank.
Rewards- 15,000 Credits, +5 Rep, War Asset (40)
Disk- #2


Talk- While your still in the bank (#1 P. Commons)
Details- Speak with the bank teller (Volus) who's arguing with a Salarian for:
Rewards- +2 Rep, War Asset (5)

*Mission added to Log (See #41)

*Mission added to Log (See #36)

*Mission added to Log (See #50)

31. Citadel: Cerberus Automated Turret Schematics- Added to mission log after finding the schematics during T: Bomb.
Details- Find a C-Sec Officer (male human) standing by the courtyard (#4 P. Comm.).
End- Talk to the officer for the turn-in.
Rewards- 30 XP, 1,000 Credits, +5 Rep, War Asset (8)
Disk- #2

*Mission added to Log (See #59)

*Mission added to Log (See #58)

Support-At Apollo's Cafe (#3 P. C.) is a Turian C-Sec officer debating with the Cafe Owner (male human).
Agree- with Cafe Owner for +2 Rep, War Asset (5)
Agree- with C-Sec Officer for +2 Rep, War Asset (-2)

Support-Aegohr's Munitions (on the far right side of P.C. Map) has a worried (Salarian) merchant debating with an angry (Turian) merchant.
Agree- with the worried merchant for +2 Par
Agree- with the angry merchant for +2 Ren

*Mission added to Log (See #34)

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