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Support-In the C-Sec Outpost (#5 P.C.) are an angry C-Sec officer (Asari) and a patient C-Sec officer (human male) having a debate.
Agree- with the angry officer for +2 Ren
Agree- with the patient officer for +2 Par

32. Citadel: Heating Unit Stabilizers- Overhear the salarian in front of the C-Sec outpost (#5 P. Commons)
Details- Should find the H.U.S. during N7: CFB(#28) but if not, then purchase at Spectre Req.
End- Turn-in by talking Sellea in front of C-Sec outpost.
Rewards- +5 Rep, 1,000 credits, War Asset (8), 30 XP
Disk- #2

33. Citadel: Cerberus Retribution- On top of the stairs (#5 P.C.) are some arguing citizens.
Details- Talk to citizens; return to C-Sec outpost.
End- Talk to Captain Aaron Sommers and use Paragon dialog option (the blue one) for:
Rewards- +5 Par, 5,000 credits, 210 XP
Disk- #2

*Mission added to Log (See #57)

*Mission added to Log (See #51)

*Mission added to Log (See #43)

Support-At the very top of the H.M.Hospital map is a Salarian physician and a human (female) physician having a debate.
Agree- with either one for +2 Rep.

Talk- There's an attending doctor (human male) standing nearby (#3 Hosp).
Details- Speak with the doctor to enter the patient's room for:
Rewards- +5 Rep

*Mission added to Log (See #56)

*Mission added to Log (See #44)

Talk- Very close to the Asari, sitting at a table is Jack.
Details- Speak with Jack for:
Rewards- +2 Rep, +2 Par/Ren (romance option for those who had one in ME2)

Talk- After dancing with Jack (yes dancing) you'll be near Cortez who is at the bar (#4 Purgatory).
Details- Speak with Cortez for:
Rewards- +5 Rep (Romance option for MaleShep)

Talk- Go to the lower bar (#2 Purg.) to:
Details- Speak with Joker for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Spectre Terminal:
-Batarian Access Codes: Enable for Mission#34.
-Surveillance Authorization: Authorize for War Asset (7)
-Authorize Civilian Militia: Authorize for War Asset (7)
-Medical Supplies: Authorize for War Asset (7)

34. Citadel: Batarian Codes- Talk to Officer Noles in front of C-Sec (#5 P.C.)
Details- Enable "Batarian Access Codes" at Spectre Terminal; Find console #1 (#2 Hospital on right side); Find console #2 (#2 D24- "passenger lounge"); Find console #3 (#4 DHA- "Bay E28")
End- Ends when confronting the responsible Batarian (Automatic after using the 3rd console)
Rewards- 210 XP, Choose Paragon dialog option (blue) to gain: +7 Par, War Asset (150)
Disk- #2

*Mission added to Log (See #55)

35. Citadel: Medi-Gel Sabotage- Interact with the refugee doctor in Cargo Hold: B (#6 DHA) and then speak with Conrad Verner at E24 (#2 DHA).
Details- (Note: Renegade options and/or not talking to Conrad BEFORE examining medi-gel dispensers results in problems with this mission); Examine medi-gel dispenser #1 (#7 DHA); Examine medi-gel dispenser #2 (#5 DHA); Examine medi-gel dispenser #3 (#5 DHA, yes 2 in same location. One inside, one just outside); Examine medi-gel dispenser #4 (At far left side of map, #4 DHA).
End- Turn-in by speaking again with refugee doctor.
Rewards- 210 XP, +2 Par, +15 Rep, 5,000 credits, War Asset (Depends on what you accomplished in previous titles when talking to Conrad, but you could gain 1 whole extra war asset. Yes. As in 1 point.) 7th Feet update (5 pts.)
Disk- #2

36. Citadel: Wounded Batarian- Overhear a Turian talking to a human female in the hall (between #1 & 2 P.C.) to start.
Details- Speak with the (Turian) nurse at Cargo Hold: C (#7 DHA).
End- Enter the container where the wounded Batarian is laying.
Rewards- +5 Rep, 5,000 credits, 210 XP
Disk- #2

37. Citadel: Inspirational Stories- Important Note: Once this mission is started, it should be completed without ANY interruption. Recommend making save before starting.Talk to Solik (Salarian) at the security checkpoint (#1 DHA)
Details- Photo #1 is the Salarian with human female at memorial wall (#8 DHA); Photo #2 is of a human male and female between #2/3 of the DHA map; The final photo is of the poker game where James is (between #3/4 DHA). Note: if any pic interacts don't show, try some other pic interacts to see if they will now appear. If not, reload previous save.
End- Speak with Salik for the turn-in.
Rewards- +5 Rep, 5,000 credits, 210 XP
Disk- #2

*Mission added to Log (See #46)

Talk- When you interact to enter you the Normandy, you will:
Details- Speak with Ashley for:
Rewards- "Welcome aboard" dialog for new squad member OR Bottom option for War Asset (25).

- 6 Talks
- Start 5 missions

*Mission added to Log (See P: Perseus Veil)

*Mission added to Log (See #38)

*Mission added to Log (See #40)

*Mission added to Log (See #45)

Talk- Take to elevator to the Crew Deck and as soon as you exit:
Details- Speak with Garrus for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Talk- Go to Starboard Observation to:
Details- Speak with Kaidan for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

*Mission added to Log (See #47)

Talk- Take elevator to Captain's Cabin to use your Personal Terminal to:
Details- Invite Traynor up to:
Rewards- Play a game or romance her as FemShep.

Talk- Use your Personal Terminal to:
Details- Invite Diana up for:
Rewards- Interview (blue dialog option) results in +5 Rep, War Asset (5) (After interview is over, choose "keep professional" dialog option to end romance option, unless you wish to romance her)

Talk- Use your Personal Terminal to:
Details- Invite James up for:
Rewards- +2 Rep (Romance option available for FemShep)

Talk- Now go to the bridge (#1 CIC) to:
Details- Speak with EDI for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Athena Nebula (5 systems)
Minos Wasteland (1 system added)
Nimbus Cluster (4 sys.)
Valhallan Threshold (3 sys.)
Far Rim (2 sys.)
Petra Nebula - DISAPPEARS!

CHECKLIST- Galaxy Map/Normandy
- 2 Talks
- Scan 3 planets
- Start 3 missions
- End 4 missions

Priority: Perseus Veil- Starts when Hackett informs you that the Quarians are willing to talk.
Details- Dock with Envoy ship in the Dholen system of Far Rim; Speak with the Quarians.
End- Misson ends when your informed of the Geth Dreadnought and the mission updates to become 48. Priority: Geth Dreadnought.
Rewards- +6 Par/Ren, +2 Rep
Disk- #2

Talk- While in the Vid Comm (#4 CIC) interact to:
Details- Speak with Anderson for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Talk- Take the elevator to your cabin and use your personal terminal to:
Details- Invite Tali up for:
Rewards- +2 Rep, Gain new Squad member (Romance option for those who romanced her in ME2)

Perseus Veil (1 system)

**Scan Garvug (see #46)

**Scan Polissa (see #41)

**Scan Carcosa (see #44)

38. Mesana: Distress Signal- Starts when Liara informs you of the mission after your meeting with Hackett concludes.
Details- Land on Lesuss in Mesana system of Nimbus Cluster; mission updates to Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery; Examine Asari Corpse; Bypass Door; After cutscene, to your right is an Asari with PDA recording; Bypass door to enter building; Activate elevator controls; Examine bomb; Defend bomb; Examine bomb again.
End- Technically when speaking to Asari High Command. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- 12,500 credits, War Assets Samara (25), Commandos (20)
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (1400), +6 Par/Ren, 4 Medi-Gels available, Collectibles are Assault Rifle Stability Damper, Pistol Melee Stunner, Gallie's Electronic Signature,Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo, PDA(Asari Widow), Serrice Council Shoulder Guard, Disciple, Assault Rifle Precision Scope. Salvage for Credits(12500) and Xp(80)
Enemy Types- Banshee(4), Cannibals(22), Marauder(1), Barrier Generator(1)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(15/27)
Achievement Unlocked- Fact Finder

*Mission added to Log (See #42)

39. Citadel: GX12 Thermal Pipe- Starts when Engineer Adams (#1 Engineering) asks you to find the item.
Details- Purchase E-Gel Thermal Conduit @ E.C.A.S. (#1 Presidium Commons)
End- Turn-in by talking to Engineer Adams (#1 Eng.) after he has finished the project.
Rewards- +5 Rep, War Asset (15), 375 XP
Disk- #2

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