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Argos Rho (3 systems)
Silean Nebula (1 system)

49. N7: Fuel Reactors- Listen to Traynor inform you of this mission by the Galaxy Map.
Details- Land on Cyone in Kypladon system of Silean Nebula; Examine Medical Treatment Plan; Talk with Captain Riley; Activate Crane Display (move both containers from left to right); Vent Sector A1; Use Fuel Rod Control; Reactivate Tank#1, then #2; Restart Reactor; Clear all enemies; Send Squadmate to help; Initiate Start-up; Return to Normandy
End- Technically when you give your report to Hackett. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- +5 Rep, 10,000 credits
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (750), 1 Medi-Gel available, Collectible is Medical Treatment Plan. Salvage for Credits(7000)
Enemy Types- Husk (20), Marauder(8), Barrier Generator(6), Brute(1)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(18/27)

The "Big" Scan- Haven't done much scanning? Make up for it now!
- Scan 27 planets (worth 985 Total War' shizzle)

~ Scan Planet > System > Galaxy Map location (War Asset)

~ Hanalei > Kypladon > Silean Nebula (Dr. Jelize - 25)
~ Pronoia > Tomaros > Athena Nebula (Nefrane - 30)
~ Egalic > Orisoni > Athena Nebula (Research ships - 35)
~ Trikalon > Ialessa > Athena Nebula (Engineers - 30)
~ Tevura > Parnitha > Athena Nebula (Cybaen - 30)
~ Trategos > Pelion > Ninbus Cluster (INTEL - Reaper Weapon)
~ Farlas > Micah > Valhallan Threshold (Element Zero C. - 50)
~ Elohi > Micah > Valhallan Threshold (Emergency Fuel P. - 30)
~ Watson > Skepsis > Sigurd's Cradle (Javelin M.L. - 50)
~ Feros > Theseus > Attican Beta (Exogeni Scientists - 40)
~ Elatania > Hercules > Attican Beta (Inter. Array - 45)
~ Nonuel > Plutus > Hades Gamma (103rd update - 20)
~ Juntauma > Farinata > Hades Gamma (1st Fleet update - 15)
~ Parag > Ming > Gemini Sigma (3rd Fleet update - 25)
**Scan Intai'sei (see C: Kakliosaur Fossil
~ Pinnacle Station > Phoenix > Argos Rho (Turian Sp. Ops - 40)
~ Camaron > Gorgon > Argos Rho (Adv. Power R. - 50)
~ Canrum > Hydra > Argos Rho (H. Optics Array - 50)
~ Tyr > Asgard > Exodus Cluster (Expl. Flotilla - 75)
~ Borr > Asgard > Exodus Cluster (INTEL - Reaper Destroyer)
~ Terra Nova > Asgard > Exodus Cluster (Shanghai - 40)
~ Loki > Asgard > Exodus Cluster (Sp. Ops. Delta - 35)
~ Zion > Utopia > Exodus Cluster (Prothean D.F. - 75)
~ Solu Paolis > Esori > Aethon Cluster (Vol. Kwunu - 50)
~ Nalisin > Satu Arrd > Aethon Cluster (Vol. Eng. - 50)
~ Cherk Sab > Aru > Aethon Cluster (Vol. Fab. Unit - 45)
~ Pheiros > Gemmae > Apien Crest (Tur. 79th Flotilla - 40)

Checklist- Citadel (never heard of it)
- 1 Talk
- 2 Spectre Terminal entries
- End 2 missions

50. Citadel: Kakliosaur Fossil- Starts when you listen to a Salarian by Apartment #90 (#2 P.C.)
Details- Scan Intai'sei in Phoenix system of Argos Rho
End- Talk to the War Strategist who's still outside of Apt#90.
Rewards- +5 Rep, 15,000 credits, War Asset (40)
Disk- #2

Talk- Enter Apartment#82 (#2 P. Commons, far bottom right side of map) to:
Details- Speak with Miranda for:
Rewards- +4 Par/Ren, Romance option for MaleShep who had one in ME2, and a better chance of keeping her alive (if you choose paragon)

51. Citadel: Chemical Treatment- Located in lab services (#2 hospital) to the left is a Salarian speaking to a human female. Listen to them to begin.
Details- Found during mission #49.
End- Talk to Dr. Silon who's at the original location for:
Rewards- +5 Rep, 1,000 credits, War Asset (8), 30 XP
Disk- #2

Spectre Terminal:
Commendation for Captain Riley: Authorize to be nice
Civilian Consultant Authorization: Authorize for War Asset (7)

CHECKLIST- Normandy/Rannoch (Shh. Don't say Rannoch too loud! Whisper Rannoch so the Reapers won't hear you.)
- 3 Talks
- 4 Supports
- Start 1 mission
- End 3 missions

Support-Walk into the Mess Hall (#5 C.Deck) to find Dr. Chakwas and Engineer Adams having a debate.
Agree- with either one for +2 Rep

52. Rannoch: Admiral Koris- Mission begins when Admiral Raan informs you that Admiral Koris is in need of rescue.
Details- Land on Rannoch in Tikkun system of Perseus Veil; examine Quarian corpse; Examine AA Gun Control; Protect Squadmate; Talk to Dorn'Hazt; Examine Jamming Tower Data; Examine AA Gun Control (left side); Use turret to protect squadmate; Examine AA Gun Control (right side); Use turret to protect squadmate; Talk with Admiral Koris to:
End- Select Blue/Red dialog option to save Koris.
End Rewards- +4 Par/Ren, 12,500 Credits, War Asset Zaal'Koris (25)
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (600), +23 Par/Ren, Collectibles are Javelin, Shotgun Shredder Mod, SMG Magazine Upgrade and Target Jamming Tech. Salvage for Credits(8750)
Enemy Types- Geth Trooper(35), Geth Pyro(6), Geth Rocket Trooper(25), Hunter(2), Geth Prime(2)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(19/27)

Support-In the War Room is an argument between Admiral Raan and Admiral Gerrel.
Agree- with Raan for +2 Rep, War Asset (-10)
Agree- with Gerrel for +2 Rep, War Asset (25)

Support-Head to the A.I. Core (#3 C. Deck) to find Javik debating with EDI.
Agree- with either to gain +2 Rep

53. Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons- This starts when Legion informs you of this mission.
Details- Land on Rannoch in Tikkun system in Perseus Veil; Proceed through 1st Access Point; Examine Reaper Code Fragment; Free the 1st Data Cluster; Free the 2nd Data Cluster; Watch the 3rd Data Cluster; Proceed into the 2nd Access Point; Free the 4th Data Cluster; Free the 5th Data Cluster; Watch the 6th Data Cluster; Enter the 3rd Access Point; Reach the Exit Point
End- When you make your report to Hackett. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- 12,500 Credits, War Asset (60)
Mission Rewards- +6 Par/Ren, Mission XP(1300), Collectible is the Reaper Code Fragment.
Enemy Types- Glowing Blocks(5349)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(20/27)
Achievement Unlocked- Saboteur

Support-In the War Room is an argument between Admiral Tali and Admiral Xen.
Agree- with Tali for +2 Par
Agree- with Xen for +2 Ren

Talk- Go to the Starboard Observatory (#6 C. Deck) to:
Details- Speak with drunk/hungover Ashley for:
Rewards- A good laugh when selecting left dialog option followed by the top one.

ENTER MAIN BATTERY TO HEAR GARRUS "PWN" LEGION (by point four three percent )

What do you wish to achieve???

Peace between the Geth and Quarians
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

Geth win the war
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

Quarians win the war
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

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