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54. Priority: Rannoch- Starts when you ask Legion to locate the Base.
Details- Land on Rannoch in Tikkun system in Perseus Veil; Find the upper entrance; Activate Door Override; Survive; Activate Door Override; Activate Lift; Go to the ledge; Defeat "Boss"
End- When making your report to the Asari Councilor. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- 25,000 Credits, Geth War Assets (300, 450), Quarian W.A. (25, 150, 175, 150)
Mission Rewards- +2 Rep, 1 Medi-Gel available, Collectibles are SMG High Caliber Barrel, Assault Rifle Piercing Mod, Kassa Fabrication Gauntlets, SMG Ultralight Materials, Geth Plasma Shotgun. Salvage for Credits(25000)
Enemy Types- Geth Trooper(45), Geth Rocket Trooper(17), Geth Pyro(1), Geth Prime(4), "Boss"(1)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(21/27)
Achievement Unlocked- Hard Target

*Mission added to Log (See P: The Citadel (#3))

Talk- Go to the far right side of the Engineering map to:
Details- Speak with Tali for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Talk- From your personal cabin use your personal terminal to:
Details- Invite D. Allers up for:
Rewards- +5 Rep, (Blue dialog) War Asset (5)


Hades Nexus (4 systems)
Silean Nebula (4 systems added)

Checklist- Galaxy Map
- Scan 9 Planets

**Scan Kopis (see #59)
~ Dobrovolski > Pamyat > Hades Nexus (Leipzig - 10)
**Scan Gei Hinnom (see #55)
~ Asteria > Hekate > Hades Nexus (Hong Kong - 15)
~ Yasilium > Loropi > Silean Nebula (Arm. Sniper U. - 30)
~ Hyetiana > Nahuala > Silean Nebula (Serrice Guard - 30)
**Scan Dekuuna (see #56)
**Scan Oltan (see #61)
**Scan Nevos (see #57)

Checklist- Citadel
- 2 Talks
- Start 1 mission
- End 8 missions

55. Hades Nexus: Prothean Sphere- After finishing C: Batarian Codes, walk out of range (talking to James at poker game works well) and then return (#4 DHA, far left side of map) to listen to the human male speaking to the Turian.
Details- Scan Gei Hinnom in Sheol system in Hades Nexus.
End- Talk with the (human male) Refugee at original location for the rurn-in.
Rewards- +5 Rep, 15,000 credits, War Asset (40)
Disk- #2

56. Dekuuna: Code of the Ancients- When exiting the elevator for Purgatory you'll see an Elcor directly ahead. Listen to add mission.
Details- Scan Dekuuna in Phontes system in Silean Nebula.
End- Return to the original location to speak with the Angry Elcor for turn-in.
Rewards- +5 Rep, 120 XP, War Asset (40)
Disk- #2

57. Silean Nebula: Rings of Alune- Take the elevator to H. Memorial Hospital and as soon as you exit, turn to your immediate right. Listen to an Asari to add the mission to your log.
Details- Scan Nevos in Teyolia system in Silean Nebula.
End- Take elevator to the hospital to speak with the (Asari) Consultant for the turn-in.
Rewards- +5 Rep, 15,000 credits, War Asset (40)
Disk- #2

58. Citadel: Target Jamming Tech- Around Apollo's Cafe (#3 P.C.) is a Turian who's talking about this.
Details- The tech is found during mission #52.
End- Return to Apollo's Cafe to speak with the C-Sec Officer for the turn-in.
Rewards- +5 Rep, 1,000 credits, War Asset (8), 30 XP
Disk- #2

Talk- Sitting at a table nearby at Apollo's Cafe is Ashley.
Details- Speak with Ashley for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

59. Hades Nexus: Obelisk of Karza- Is added when you hear a human male sitting on a bench in the courtyard (#4 P.C.) mention it.
Details- Scan Kopis in Hoplos system inHades Nexus.
End- Still sitting on the bench is the Researcher to speak with for:
Rewards- +5 Rep, 15,000 credits, War Asset (40)
Disk- #2

Talk- Walk around C-Sec Outpost (#5 P. Commons) to find Tali.
Details- Speak with Tali for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

60. Citadel: Reaper Code Fragments- Overhear an Asari (#4 C. Embassies) to add this to mission log.
Details- The code is found during mission #53.
End- Speak with the Asari War Strategist to turn mission in.
Rewards- +5 Rep, 1,000 credits, War Asset (8)
Disk- #2

*Mission added to Log (See #61)

Priority: The Citadel (#3)- Starts when the Asari Councilor asks you to meet her on the Citadel.
Details- Enter Councilor Udina's office (#2 C. Embassies) to meet with the Asari Councilor.
End- Misson ends when the councilor asks you to recover artifact and the mission updates to become 62. Priority: Thessia.
Rewards- +2 Par/Ren
Disk- #2

61. Dekuuna: Elcor Extraction- Close to the Asari War Strategist (#4 C. Embassies) is an Elcor you must talk with to start this mission.
Details- Scan Oltan in Phontes system in Silean Neabula.
End- Talk to the Elcor Ambassador at same location to turn-in.
Rewards- +5 Rep, War Asset (40)
Disk- #2

Checklist- Galaxy Map/Normandy
- 4 Talks
- Start 2 missions
- End 2 missions

62. Priority: Thessia- Mission is added to the log when the Asari councilor asks you to retrieve an artifact on Thessia.
Details- Land on Thessia in Parnitha system in Athena Nebula; Talk to Lt. Kurin; Use the mounted gun; Bypass Door; Fight alongside the Asari Sniper; Reach Outpost Tykis; Bypass Barrier Control; Examine Statue; Examine Manuscript (left of facing the statue); Examine Shield; Examine Bust; Activate Beacon; "Boss" Fight
End- When you give your report to the Asari councilor. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- +15 Rep, +4 Par/Ren, 15,000 credits
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (3000), +14 Par/Ren, +6 Rep, 4 Medi-Gels available, Collectibles are Umbra Visor, Sniper Rifle Concentration Mod, M-98 Widow, Assault Rifle Extended Barrel, SMG Heat Sink. Salvage for Credits (15000)
Enemy Types- Husks(17), Brute(5), Barrier Generator(4), Cannibal(20), Marauder(18), Spore Pod(14), Banshee(2), Ravager(3), Harvester(3), "Boss"(1)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(22/27)
Achievement Unlocked- Last Witness

*Mission added to Log (See #65)

Talk- Use the Vid Comm to:
Details- Speak with Anderson for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

*Mission added to Log (See #63)

Talk- Take the elevator to the Crew Deck and exit to:
Details- Speak with Tali for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Talk- Then enter the Main Battery to:
Details- Speak with Garrus for:
Rewards- +2 Rep

Talk- Head down to the engineering deck to:
Details- Enter the Port Cargo for:
Rewards- +2 Rep


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