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Nubian Expanse (3 systems)
Hourglass Nebula (4 systems)
Kepler Verge (1 sys)
Shadow Sea (1 sys)
Perseus Veil - DISAPPEARS!

63. N7: Communication Hub- Listen to Traynor near the galaxy map to have this mission added to your log.
Details- Land on Ontarom in Newton system of Kepler Verge; Pick up Cerberus Codes (stay left from the start); Deactivate Cerberus Hacking Device; Deactivate 2nd Cerberus Hacking Device; Deactivate 3rd Cerberus Hacking Device
End- When you give your report to Hackett. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- +5 Rep, 10,000 Credits, War Asset (50)
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (750), 4 Medi-Gels available, Collectibles are Ariake Technologies Greaves, Cerberus Codes. Salvage for Credits (7000)
Enemy Types- Assault Trooper(13), Centurion(13), Nemesis(6), Phantom(1)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(23/27)
Achievement Unlocked- Tour of Duty (if you finished all 6 N7 missions)

The "Final" Scan- Time to start wrapping up all your scans!
- Scan 5 planets (War Assets -160)

~ Norehsa > Qertassi > Nubian Expanse (Trafalgar - 15)
~ Yamm > Kalabsha > Nubian Expanse (103rd update - 25)
~ Alingon > Faryar > Hourglass Nebula (S.B. Starship T. - 50)
~ Hagalaz > Sowilo > Hourglass Nebula (S.B. Support T. - 40)
~ Zanethu > Ploitari > Hourglass Nebula (Terminus Freigh. - 30)

Checklist- Citadel (Seriously?!? For the love of *censored beliefs*)
- End 1 mission
- After ending mission, say "No more Citadel"
- After saying that, say "I wish I never see the Citadel again"
- Be warned, not all wishes come true

64. Citadel: Cerberus Ciphers- Listen to the Turian at the end of the hall (far left side of Citadel Embassies map).
Details- Codes are found during mission #63.
End- Take a taxi to the Presidium Commons and sprint to Apollo's Cafe to find Officer Dellk. Talk to that beautiful Turian for:
Rewards- +5 Rep, 1,000 credits, War Asset (15), 30 XP
Disk- #2

Checklist- Galaxy Map/Normandy
- 3 Talks
- Start 1 mission
- End 1 mission

65. Priority: Horizon- This mission is added to the log when Traynor informs you of her discovery while meeting in the war room.
Details- Land on Horizon in Iela system in Shadow Sea; Bypass Door; Examine Log (along left side); Head downstairs to examine the logs by the crashed NS1 ships; Activate Console inside Pool Maintenance (Miranda); Activate Water Pump; Activate Console; Activate Console (Miranda); Activate Console inside Incubation Research 02 (Miranda); Activate Console (Miranda); Climb Ladder; Activate Lift (must shoot hatch first to unlock); Activate Pod Status (when prompted press ); Activate Elevator; Use Blue Dialog to save Miranda
End- Technically when you report to Hackett. Automatic, no turn-in required.
End Rewards- 15,000 Credits, War Asset (90), Miranda (25)
Mission Rewards- Mission XP (2700), 3 Medi-Gels available, Collectibles are Pistol Scope, Rosenkov Materials Shoulder Guard, Shotgun Blade Attachment, M-12 Locust, M-99 Saber*Backtrack after unlocking pods*. Salvage for Credits(15000) and XP (50)
Enemy Types- Phantom(2), Nemesis(1), Assault Trooper(4), Husks(10), Marauder(7), Banshee(2), Ravager(3), Cannibals(8), Barrier Generator(4), Spore Pod(7), Gesation Pod(4), Brute(3)
Disk- #2
Unwavering Achievement-(24/27)
Achievement Unlocked- Well Connected

*Mission added to Log (See #66)

Talk- Head down to the lounge (#7 Crew Deck) to:
Details- Speak with Tali for:
Rewards- +2 Rep and a laugh. 3 words; "Emergency Induction Port"


Talk- Since your already in the port cargo, you should:
Details- Speak with Javik for:
Rewards- +2 Rep and a new power unlocked.

Talk- Go to the bridge (#1 CIC) to:
Details- Speak with EDI for:
Rewards- +2 Rep and a new power unlocked.

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