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Why not spice it up? Your setup sounds too easy.

Start the game

1. Let your dog/cat choose your class by letting him play with the controller. Whatever class it lands on you have to pick.

2. Set brightness to lowest possible but still visable.

3. Set gameplay to insane ofcourse.

4. Set yourself up on the couch but go and sit upside down.

5. Have your little sister practice her piano recital in the same room. (Substitute by little brother dancing to Justin Bieber or parents having BDSM sex if little sister is not present or available)

6. Switch you surround set channels from front to back and left to right so you have no idea where sounds come from.

7. Only shoot enemies spawned on even numbers and melee the odd spawned enemies. (Exmpl: You melee spawn 1, shoot 2 and melee 3)

8. You can only reload your weapon once every 1 minute, but only if you have melee killed 7 odd spawned enemies.

9. You can only use your powers if 1 teammate is down and is of the male gender and your other teammate is of the female gender and does not have auto use powers on and has shot less than 1/8 of the odd spawned enemies you should have melee killed.

10. Turrets and Banshees may only be killed by melee attacks (not heavy!).

11. Kai leng must be beat using Vega and Kaiden in your team whilst not using powers and only having the m3 HP equiped.

12. When taking a bathroom break you may not pause the game.

13. When bathroom break is taken in gaming room you may not come out of the upside down position and you can not ask your little sister, brother or parents to help you out during your releave mission.

14. You are not allowed to play multiplayer to raise your EMS and readiness.

15. You can not take cover during firefights.

16. You can't eat during the entire playthrough (irl).

I think this would be a hoot and a half!!

Oh and childeren, no using those medigel during this playthrough!

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