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Originally Posted by Ohh So Godly View Post
Copied from my thread that was created:

Hey everyone I rented a server for a week and I'm just trying to populate it a bit, so if anyone is looking for a good server that DOESN'T have admins who abuse their power try mine out! A few of the servers features:
  • Normal Presets
  • 200% Tickets
  • Plays ALL Big Maps w/ air vehicles (including all the B2K Maps not including Strike @ Karkand)

Search for 'The Quarantine Area'

Full Name of the Server is:
"[24/7] The Quarantine Area | 200% Tickets | Normal | Big Maps"

If the server does well I will re-new the lease on it.

Any feedback/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The map rotation can be changed based off of suggestions and feedback.
Rush? Conquest? Conquest Assault?

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