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Originally Posted by scottttocs View Post
cheers for this, but i have all the items on the list at the bottom of the spoiler. it wont let me disenchant any of these, and when i did disenchant linwe's gloves(not speechcraft, but a unique item, non the less), i couldn't apply the effect to anything else, even though it is just essentially fortify one-handed. looks like you cant have this enchantment then, its not too bad though, after posting this question i found a helmet that gives me underwater breathing and i think i prefer it now to speech craft.

cheers again.
Basically it is saying you can find necklaces that you can disenchant with fortify barter, but the enchantment can only be put back on to necklaces. It says that The enchantments on the equipment at the bottom may not be re-enchanted to other equipment, but you can wear them to stack your barter skill.

If you really want to find a specific enchantment, you can either keep checking shop inventories, look if there is one somewhere in a chest or something, or do what I did and save just before dealing the death blow on a dragon and reload if you do not get what you want (This method is completely random though and therefore may take 1 minute or 100 minutes, it is mainly better if you are just starting out your enchanting skill).

All the methods take time, but will pay off eventually. To be honest, fortify barter is probably one of the more useless enchants in the game. I have never been able to sell all my crap to a whole town in one day because they just do not have enough money, so I don't see the real point in investing in an enchantment that makes me get more money for my loot.
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