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Gamertag: gealt
Server name: The Sandbox (will change later if that's a common name)
Game mode: Normal CQ 200% Tickets
Maps: everything except Tehran HGWY (cause I don't like it)
Region: East US (if it matters)

I will be switching it to private from time to time to mess around with friends, but for the most part that's how I plan on having it set for now (especially when I'm not around). I'm not planning on being a "dick admin", I'm only gonna kick/ban people who are boosting/glitch abusing or looking to ruin the fun. In the future I would really like to host some "specialty" TDMs, these would be unranked (most likely) and would be like "EOD bot only" or "Melee only (knife/defib/torch)" and perhaps "Pistols only". I think EOD bot only RUSH mode would be pretty fun too! Anyway, PM me here if you're interested in something like that, and in general feedback on how I could make the server better would be welcome!

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