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Originally Posted by Tactical Tom View Post
I really like this Game but I can't help thinking that F1 2010 would be an even better Game if it had Commentary included.

My last experience of Formula One Games was many years ago on the PS1 called Formula 1 97 and that was an amazing Game for it's time and it also included excellent commentary from Murray Walker and occasional analysis from Martin Brundle.

Here's a clip from YouTube of the PC version of Formula 1 97:

I can't understand why 14 years later the most recent version of a Formula 1 Game has lost this very important feature?

At times during a Race on F1 2010 there is very little going on apart from engine noise and the very occasional Radio Message. Bringing back the Commentary feature would be a very useful addition to fill the gaps with either play by play commentary as the action happens or analysis and statistics during a part of the Race when there is less action, for example when you are far out in front.

Wouldn't it be great if F1 2011 had the option to add Commentary in the Races to add to the whole Formula 1 experience?
You're forgetting F1 Championship Edition with commentary by Brundle and James Allen. And I agree. It would be nice, at least as an option (though it probably wouldn't be practical).

At least more team radio would be nice if no commentary.
Plenty of Team Radio on here and the commentary even lets you know when drivers (Alonso in this case) get ousted from the race, at 2:30.

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