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[EDIT: Found it after leaving for a day, attempting it fresh.]

For whatever reason, I can only seem to find 9 of the 10 Gloomex canisters in Chapter 2, Part 3 (The Da Zombie Code).

With the start of the stage being the exit of Part 2, right outside the bus stop, and assuming you're facing North, theres:

1) A dead-end junkyard area through the alleyway right in front of you, to the north (CAR here).
2) Two houses and backyards to the left/west
3) One house and backyard to the right/east leading to...
4) A T-Intersection going North and South and West
5) A house to the North (CAR here, I believe)
6) Houses and level exit to the south

Area #1 has 5 canisters strewn along the junkyard:
1-Just as you enter the junkyard, on your left
2-All the way to the Easy, near the barricade
3-Near the car to save, on the south side near
4-South-western corner of junkyard
5-North-western corner of junkyard

Area #2 has [4, was 3] more canisters
6-Furthest-west house, far west of backyard by house
7-Same house as #6, but in its backyard at the North-east fencing.
8-The house next door (close to stage entrance), behind house
[10-By the road against the fence near the SW corner; it's between the tall thin trees/bushes]

Area #5 has the last canister I can find
9-Behind the house all the way in the NE corner.

[EDIT: Last one was added above]
Where's the last one? Or did someone mess up the list, and there are only 9 canisters in Level 2-3, and the missing one is actually in another level?
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