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So I just got this game yesterday, been out of the gaming loop and didn't really know about it till over the weekend.

I'm visually impaired and when it comes to videogames I'm more competent than you'd think. It takes a lot of work sometimes, dealing with UI placement and lighting effects and some things like that, but when I realized this game was in only Japanese I got kind of disappointed. It means I have to work even harder to not only figure out what my objectives are in-battle, but it also means I have to work harder to learn the story through in-battle dialogue as well.

Worse, there's no transcript. If I miss something, I have to play the level again. Or I might be wondering around for an extra ten minutes because I missed an objective notice, simply because I couldn't catch the dialogue context surrounding it.

I've loved these games, especially the Orochi series. I wrote the guide on Samurai Warriors 2 and XL, and completed the frustration that was Warriors Orochi 2. I've even looked into the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, from which this franchise is based.

I sincerely hope that their choice for not including an English dub was not out of laziness or to skip out on the cost of voice actors. At this point I'm not truly upset. I'm still able to play the game, albeit that it takes more effort, and I still enjoy it. But I would be angry and upset if their reasons for changing the experience for the people, like me, who have a much more difficult time playing the game without dub were among the selfish ones.

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