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Originally Posted by Valiantheart View Post
The fact that there is no english voices is really dissapointing, and actually creates a big problem for me while playing the game.
You follow the green ping, seriously... how hard is that? If that wasn't simple enough, you just pause the game and select Army Info, big box in the right hand corner, there's your sign. If that's not enough, hit the Battle Log up.

Originally Posted by Ruq View Post
Worse, there's no transcript. If I miss something, I have to play the level again. Or I might be wondering around for an extra ten minutes because I missed an objective notice, simply because I couldn't catch the dialogue context surrounding it.
There is a transcript. Hit pause and look on the left for Battle Log.

Seriously, how the hell could you guys miss this sort of stuff? Do you gamers now-a-days no longer open up option menus to see what you can change, or hit buttons/menus just to see what they do?

You guys should count your lucky stars you even got the game with English menus and text. It was originally going the way of Orochi Z and Samurai Warriors 3Z, Special, and Empires and any other non anime non DW7 related Musou game lately, the atrocious chronicles aside.

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