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My wife and I are hosting a server called Fox’s Den (Fox’s Den Mix of CQ-Rush-TDM NO KICK.) My wife MrsFoxtrotShd and I FoxtrotShd are and will be the only admins. We will not kick for the type of gun you use, or your play style, or if you’re better than us. The only reason I will/would kick is if you are intentionally annoying the team. Ex: blowing up all the vehicles in the base and even then 2-3 times to make sure it was intentional and not an accident.

You may contact me in game with issues or map/server suggestions. I do not guarantee anything, but if enough people want it I will probably make the change.

I will change the maps up on a weekly basis. Right now our server rotation is:
Caspian Border – CQ
Damavand Peak – Rush
Noshahr Canals – TDM
Seine Crossing – CQ
Operation Firestorm – Rush
Grand Bazaar – TDM
Operation Metro – CQ
Strike at Karkand – Rush
Damavand Peak – TDM
Kharg Island – CQ
Caspian Border – Rush
Wake Island - TDM

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