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Originally Posted by Valiantheart View Post

Your pretty ignorant. Troll much lately?
That's rich coming from someone who has problems pressing buttons and reading at the same time.

And I know exactly what Ruq is talking about, which you obviously don't. There is a battle log but NOT a transcript of dialouge that takes place during the battle. If Cao Pi told you "We are #&*(&47 890894j hsuj^%7." What was that he just said? Oh too bad you didn't catch what he just said and you can't find out without playing the battle all over again because the battle log doesn't have a transcript of what he said. Gosh darnit. Maybe if there was some english voices you would have known what he said.
Apparently your comprhension is off too, re-read his post. "Or I might be wondering around for an extra ten minutes because I missed an objective notice, simply because I couldn't catch the dialogue context surrounding it" sticks out a bit Also, I don't need English voices (wouldn't use them if it had it and wouldn't buy the English version if English only since they're awful), I can handle the game the way it is. Having had to buy Orochi Z, Samurai Warriors 3Z/Empires/Special all in Japanese, I'm fine with them just sending this one over with English menus and saving me the extra $30 on an import.

If you really do play these games for their stories and actually care what happens, well, I wont touch that with a ten foot pole.
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