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why is this game getting such bad reviews?

i was excited for this game to come out until i see reviews for it getting 3/10, 5/10…pretty negative scores.

i decided to pick it up the other day anyway, and i was pretty surprised; this game is not half as bad as the reviews make it out to be.

what i found was a solid third person shooter set in a very history-rich (video game-wise) environment, a decently strung together set of missions, and a surprisingly addictive multiplayer

sure, its a more action oriented take on resident evil, but reviews and fans acted as if they had been alienated by capcom and given the shittiest game ever. sure it has flaws (what game doesnt?), but this game is actually pretty decent, no masterpiece, but a solid game that is very fun to play, especially with friends.

crappy controls? its really the same controls as re4 and 5 just sped up a little more to go with the more action-oriented feel

broken cover mechanic? seriously guys? you run up to a piece of cover and automatically stick to it. its a great idea, and not once have i been running or been in the heat of some action and accidentally got stuck into cover (i do tend to take the game slowly, however)

retarded AI? im not really seeing this. they take cover, fire at enemies, heal me when im low on health, and rarely get downed. they are a vast improvement on sheva, and you can actually choose what 3 squadmates you want to come with you to tailer to your own playstyle (going in guns blazing? bring the medic!)

terrible graphics? really? they are on par with resident evil 5's graphics, and with a much more moody and engrossing level design and atmosphere

shit story? well im only about half way through, but the story does take back seat to the action. there is a story there however, and fans of re2 and 3 will probably appreciate it more.

these are just my 2 cents. i think the game is actually good and fun to play, contrary to the reviews and cries of "die hard" fans (the ones who hated re4, my 2nd favorite in the series, after re2). is anyone else actually enjoying the game and its rich atmosphere, or is everyone in the "its crap and not a real resident evil" bandwagon?

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