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Originally Posted by Earthbound_X View Post
Yeah, this is my last one, and it hasn't unlocked yet, even though Raptr says I've been playing the game for about 15 hours. Been sitting the corner for an hour or so on the first level.

But then again, Raptr tracks the total time the game is on, not in gameplay time. So I hope I'm close. It's weird to think I've played 5 hours of this game not in gameplay though. I hoped it's not glitched.

I'll give it a couple more hours, and if it doesn't pop by then, gotta delete and redownload the game.
I know you already got the achievement, but for anyone else who may be wondering, all the achievements pop at the end of each level, if you’re just sitting there in a level it will never pop. You must accumulate 10 hours AND finish a level.

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