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You guys are funny. I love this game.

AI is fine...poorly fine.. but they need to know on Professional to not step in front of me.

Cover works fine only thing missing is crouch.

Game was long enough for me. I like the length.

It did however not have enough elements to change the RE story. I wanted to also Kill/Spare Claire at a separate moment.

Controls are great although quick turn should not have been mapped to LB. So many time I go to switch weapons and I have my thumb on the right analog and I spin instead of pull out my gun.

The game needed a better tutorial. Most people don't know you can snap a zombies neck or quick turn. Hell at start nobody knows you can dodge. Which I like click the stick and A to dodge.

Not enough to do online but damn it's fun.

I give the game a 7. If the Spec Ops Campaign would have been part of the game and not DLC it would be an 8.

This is like my favorite RE game currently. But hey this is coming from the guy that still plays RE5 Versus legit and has fun.

No such thing as a bad RE game...Gaiden is an okay one......

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