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Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post
Not really...

No way, the controls in RE4 & RE5 are more comfortable IMO.The controls in RE ORC sucks cause it's too hectic all the time and therefore we need appropriate ones.
As a fast 3rd person shooter these controls work really well and like its been said i would appreciate a classic quick turn rather than my swap gun button but other than that controls work great i think

Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post
Until I took an arrow to my knee...Nahw really UNTIL YOU GET SHOT WHILE IN COVER, total crap.
getting shot in cover is realistic - just because most other games offer it doesn't mean it wouldn't happen..yes I've been annoyed by it before but its a small part of a solid game.

Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post
1. You can't command them.
2. They always running in your line of sight which sucks on higer diffculty. You can't properly shoot at enemies when they stand right in front of you.
3. They still items, pick them up before you and they use them for other things rather than to help you.
1) not every game should have you as a squad leader where you command your squad, that would change the feel of the game and make people complain so much more about how they won't kill who you tell them to kill and they just go to the waypoint and stop moving and so on. You are 1/4 of a equally weighted squad and they go and kill who they wanna kill and so on.
2) every once in a while they run in front of me but they either get shot by me or run right passed...whats the big deal?
3) they steal**...and I haven't seen this at all...and anytime they pick up an anti-viral it would b to heal someone but I've put in plenty of hours and have not seen this once...and if they do steal then just get to the item first like you would in real life, if you're behind your squad mates then you're playing this game entirely wrong.
- People want smart AI but you realize that would mean they would take cover and kill all the enemies leaving you scraps to kill etc, all these types of games are to have you as the frontman killing people. only games that have that good of AI are (at times) L4D and BF3 but it will never be entirely perfect cause then you could sit in a corner and wait 10 min then run through a stage without seeing anyone

Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post
...then go full way through...I have every single copy of RE and I'm a huge fan of the series BUT sad. Plot holes everywhere and the cutscenes...oh my...
Who got this expecting a super well fleshed out story that didn't have plot holes ? we knew they were changing up the history by adding in this alternate reality story many people were against this game cause of that idea, you gotta just take it for what its worth. fine story line, entertaining enough to be able to run through and shoot some bitches.

Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post
You wanted them, there you have it.
Yep, those were your opinions...just like i stated mine...and hundreds of other people will have their own that disagree with both

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