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I'll also stick with my 8/10 for this game.

- Online was great fun, it's all dependant on how you play it and what mode you play, i normally stick to Heroes mode as there's alot less of the shotgun run for the majority of the game. Only flaws really is sometimes it can be laggy and the odd person who thinks bashing the B button is hell-a-fun.

- Story wise i thought was decent, the problem is alot of people who bought it expected it to be roughly like the previous RE5, however they forget the element that this game is about Umbrellas side of the situation, baring in mind this is based before the company collapsed and Umbrella was rich, had their prime and knew exactly what to expect in comparison to the previous titles of RE2 and 3 where your character was a SURVIVOR not an operative for a vast company who created the issues.

- Story was also great on co-op and higher difficulties.

- AI was fair to say the least, they healed me when i needed, with the exception that they still played like other players with abilities being used with cool-downs also noticeable, health being shared e.g. If you need health and they need health and have a F.A.S they'll spray both of you, they provide cover fire, kill enemies, take cover, use grenades efficiently and most of all don't steal items. which can resort in a pain, they only really ever pick up items to use on team-mates a.k.a you and others, who need assistance.

- I've never had the issue of a AI player running within my line of sight unless it is within a confined space and cannot be helped, such as when fighting the 'Magma Tyrant'

- No you can't command the AI, however if you could command them it would potentially make everything easier, you'd simply use the AI as jail-bait whilst you tick off the enemies as they're never eliminated from game-play. making them meat-shields for anything. Also alot of games don't allow you to command AI, Lupo was known as the Wolfpack Squad Leader, but that doesn't mean that she 'Commands' the group, it's just normally used for in which who will be contacted by Umbrella. Hence different voices if Lupo isn't available e.g. Vector, Spectre, Beltway, Bertha, Foureyes

- Graphic were of standard, enough to compete with current games, but nothing over the top to cause multiple GUI issues, e.g. texture loading. they also gave off great effects to make the game more dark and gloom. which was the effect back in the RE2-3 Days. none of this sunshine people wanted.

- Cover system works, Cover isn't designed to make you invincible or protect you fully from enemy fire, it is designed so you can gain advantage on an enemy and sheild yourself to a certain extent, if your head is peaking over cover then the covers too small? move to different cover or attack, legs/arms visible? move into the cover rather than to the edge, the cover system is simple as you walk into it, i've never stuck during online or offline gaming and the cover system has saved my bacon on multiple occasions.

I think people just got their expectations too high and their pants in a twist when they got the game, Although i will admit the whole 'Nemesis Mode' was a kick in the teeth to be made Extra DLC to pay for.
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