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Originally Posted by FLIPADELPHIIA View Post
if your on your first playthrough, you have to do all of them except digging up the past. If your own your second playthrough, then you have to do all of them plus digging up the past

Just to let everyone know, If you are on your second play through and need to get the achievement for doing all side quests you DO NOT have to do digging up the pass unless you want ending E that playthrough, but you do have to redo all you finished in your first. I missed a couple of things on my first play through since I wasn't using a guide. I started again on a second following this guide and got everything done but one bird before I noticed I didn't do any dig spots. I let the bird go and the achievement unlocked for completeing all quests.

The guide helped alot. but there is one issue I encountered that I would suggest need to be changed to save time. You say do the art mission and head to the cemetary right away. then go back for the shadow play sign. My issue with it was my game glitched so I couldn't use subway shortcuts. I had to backtrack to put the art together to get the clue, then go forward to the cemetary then back track pass the art location again to get the last signal. I would have rather got the signal before puting the art together or right after then head to the cemetary to avoid that backtrack. Other than that I had no promlems. Thanks for the guide.
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