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Okay so I'm somewhat late replying to this thread but I don't care, I really like this game but I've got a few things to get off my chest.

No complaints about this not being 'GTA-like', Rockstar told us exactly this and besides GTA IV is a pile of shit. There are some mechanics and aspects to this game that drive me up the wall though.

First example, inability to skip cutscenes. I know you're impressed with your facial recognition mumbo jumbo and yes it looks pretty damn awesome but for fuck sake I do not want to be saddled with an hour of dialogue that is spectacularly boring when watching/listening to the second time. This led to me essentially ruining the game for myself by making the conscious decision to follow a guide for the vast majority of the game in order to get fucking five stars first time so I don't have to waste my time going through all that tedious crap again.

On the subject of wasting my time, what the fuck is with all the dumb collectibles in this game. While the film reels are kind of cool in their own way I don't want to be going round collecting fifty of the fuckers when they have absolutely no relevance to the story or my character whatsoever. I am absolutely sick of having to spend hours going through guides to get these pointless things that are clearly only tacked on to add artificial length to the game. Guess what, it doesn't make people think they've gotten more out of the game, it makes them fucking hate you for wasting their time and boring the living shit out of them.

Next are the A.I. drivers around the city.
- Sometimes when you are gunning it down a road with sirens blaring it is handy to be able to weave in and out of lanes as sometimes going into the outside lane is a necessity. However, these NPCs will ALWAYS make for the outside lane regardless of where you are approaching from, resulting often in a concerted attempt to drive into you rather than stay out of your way.
- Silly fuckers also think the best way to aid a police car at a busy intersection is to simply stop right in the middle of it thereby almost completely obstructing the way forward.
- When I'm pulling out from a stationary position at the side of the road or making a three-point turn (again with my sirens going) the NPCs' cars are routinely quite happy to go ploughing straight into the side of me, then I get penalised for the damage. Piss off. Wouldn't be so bad if I could get out of my car and go shoot them in the face but the game won't let me!

Concerning interrogations, it really bugs me when you accuse them of lying and no matter what situation they're in they pretty much always get all cocky and immediately say "oh well why don't you prove it" which is essentially an admission of guilt and something I find incredibly unrealistic. The best bit is when they're sitting on the sofa and you're going through the suitcase right in front of them with the evidence in, you talk to them and they try and deny it and demand proof of the allegations despite having just quite clearly seen you pick it up.


Some points with the story really bother me. The whole Homicide desk story arc in particular is totally stupid, it turns out to be this one guy who's been stitching everybody up for the killings, yet when you confront the actual innocent people during the cases with the evidence they're always like "oh well you got me" and accept the prospect of getting fried from the inside out in the name of justice when surely they would strenuously deny it and suggest that they were being framed. Some of them actually admit it before you send them down which I just don't get. Also when you have the choice who to convict between mind reader guy from Heroes (who the evidence points to) or the creepy kiddie fiddler and your captain comes in telling you to send down the paedo despite the fact that it clearly wasn't him, you actually get two stars deducted for picking the husband. What the fuck is that all about, good job I didn't fall into that trap since I was using a guide because of my aforementioned cutscenes beef, otherwise I would have been absolutely incandescent with rage.

Finally there is Cole, I don't particularly like having to play as him because he is a complete and utter douche. Spends the entire game being a total boy scout with a massive stick up his arse preaching moral superiority to his partners in the car and then goes and has the affair. Stupid bastard. I may have been playing too much Mass Effect recently but I really wouldn't have minded the choice about whether to do that or not.

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