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TB@G 24/7 hardcore

hi i have rented my own server too

TB@G 24/7 hardcore

maps rotations change weekly from

small infantry / few vehicles

big maps

all with different game modes

im also looking for a couple of admin guys ( 1 from usa and 1 from europe ) to rotrate maps and game modes and also keep an eye on things while im offline.. i normally play from 7pm GMT - MID NIGHT GMT..

the TB@G clan has been together since 2005 starting with bf2 on the pc with the AIX MODS due to my pc dying on me i moved to console and now have got the clan going not only multinational but now multiplatform!

if you would like to join us for a game sometime find our server or simply add me on xbox GT RagMan85 is our web page its nothing great because lets face it all the work is done on the battlefield
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