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Okay, so far I'm up to a 10 win streak. I have the advantage of self boosting so I've been using my dummy account to search for a match and if it doesn't connect to anyone in a few seconds I then search with my account. So far I've connected to 4 different gamertags with my dummy. So there are still people playing but not enough to worry about too much. Also, considering I'm doing this in midday.

Well, nevermind. Some punk just somehow connected to me. Got half way there. Oh well, considering it's midday late at night should work much better.

Edit 2:
Welp, I just got the achievement on my second run.
I will say through 25 matches I got linked up with 3 randoms. One 2 occasions I used Batman's cheap move (Down, Back, A). I was lucky the opponent's were noobs and didn't know how to defend it. On another occasion the opponent backed out before the match started. As a last ditch effort I would not move at all during the character select screen. If the random gets impatient they'll just back out.

My actual tactic was to search with my dummy then quickly search with my real account. I would only let my real account search for 2 seconds and then cancel. Then I would quickly search again and cancel in 2 seconds again.

Because the dummy is continually searching this entire time there's only a 2 second window for a random to join and the probability of finding the dummy is higher since he's been searching that entire time and if the real account is going to connect to anyone it will 99% of the time connect to it. Also, if there is a random searching he will more than likely connect to the dummy first.

I hope this helps anyone else going for this.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask!

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