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yep. Not a fan of the Ridge Racer series but I've been having a TON of fun with this game. The dominator races can be a bit of a bitch sometimes but simply learning the right line and when to deploy boost really makes the difference.

I've played a LOT of racing games and goddamn this is fun

the track editor seems like an easy way to boost EXP and those race wins too. destroy 10 things in the city in one race? Set it up.

Even the drifting is awesome. I read on the GameStop site someone hated the game because he didn't know how to drift and it was really hard. But in the first race it shows you on the right side of the screen to press B to drift and earn boost. And it was simple to do in the drifting events.

As a side note the HUD is really cool how it displays the race stats ON the track walls and the music is perfect match to the art style.
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